10 curiosities about the guitar you need to know


In this article, we have collected 10 curiosities about the guitar. This fantastic instrument allows us to create music of the most varied styles.

1. The guitar is a modification of the guitar

One of the first curiosities about the guitar that many probably already know. The first guitars appeared around 1930; at that time the models produced had a somewhat weak sound.

Another problem was that the pickups used to amplify the instrument’s sound generated feedback. With that, we left for the second curiosity.

How electric guitar is made - material, making, history, used, parts,  components, product, machine, History

2. The creation of the massive guitar body

With the problem of the pickup, the American musician Les Paul created a model of guitar with a massive body. Thus, we would then have a guitar model that we have today.

Massive guitars pay tribute to 'Man in Black' | Local | columbustelegram.com

3. The first guitar appeared in Ancient Egypt

Of course, not the way it is today, but it was in Ancient Egypt that the first guitar emerged. This guitar belongs to a singer named Har-Mose and her body was made of polished cedar.

 It was a guitar that had only three strings. It is currently on display at the Great Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Ancient guitars: how guitars looked like 4000 years ago?
Ancient guitar

4. The largest electric guitar in the world is over 13 meters

That’s what you read. The largest electric guitar in the world (and that can be played) measures more than 13 meters. This guitar is a replica of a 1967 Gibson Flying V and was even inserted in the record book.

It is 13 meters and 29 centimetres long and 5 meters and 1 centimetre wide. Weighing 907 kilos. It was built in 1999.

World's Largest Guitar is 13 Meters Long - Melodica.ae Blog
Largest guitar in the world

5. The smallest electric guitar in the world: one of the greatest curiosities about the guitar

You may not believe it, but the smallest guitar in the world is only 10 micrometres. Therefore, it is practically impossible to play this instrument that comes to measure the size of a cell.

Another curiosity about this guitar, built by researchers at Cornell University, in New York, is that it can be strummed only by a specialized instrument from the laboratory and, even so, its sound is inaudible by the human ear. This is one of the biggest curiosities about the guitar.

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Smallest guitar, about the size of a human blood cell, illustrates new  technology for nano-sized electromechanical devices | Cornell Chronicle

6. The guitar became popular after the Second World War

The guitar became an instrument known throughout the world shortly after World War II. At that time, between 50 and 60, it gained enormous notoriety among musicians.

The guitar changed the world … but how did the world change the guitar? |  Precinct

7. The guitar of almost 3 million dollars

The most expensive guitar in the world was manufactured by Fender. It was auctioned to raise funds for the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami victims.

This guitar was sold for 2.8 million dollars. The guitar was signed by guitar greats who supported the fundraising project for victims, such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, Paul McCartney, Sting and Bryan Adams, among others.

Most Expensive Guitar in the World - Alux.com

8. The longest guitar session (playing for 4 and half days)

In the year 2011, an Irish guitarist named Dave Browne broke the record for the longest time playing the guitar. He spent 4 and half days playing the instrument.

Dave started playing on the 12th and only ended on the 17th, playing non-stop for exactly 114 hours, 6 minutes, and 30 seconds. The only intervals he had were about 30 seconds between songs. He played a total of 1,372 songs.

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The Irish guitar performance took place at the Temple Bar Pub in Dublin, Ireland. And the venue was open during the show.

Irishman attempts Guinness World Record of playing the guitar for 101 hours  straight

9. The man who married his guitar

Many of us indeed have a close relationship with our instruments. Some even name them.

However, when we think we’ve seen it all, Chris Black arrives to surprise us. The musician fell so deeply in love with his red Fender Strato, called “Brenda the Fenda”, that he married her.

After 35 years of “dating” his guitar, he made the relationship official at a church in London. But it is worth mentioning that this would be Chris’ second wife since he was also married to a human… did that sound strange to you too?


10. Ibanez produced guitars with 7 and 8 strings

Even though other companies were already developing guitars with extra strings, it was Ibanez that started mass production of these instruments.

The company introduced 7-string guitars in 1999 and 8-string guitars in 2007.

7 and 8 String Guitars - When 6 is just not enough! - top-guitars.co.uk

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