Worrying that your relationship is suffering from the end of the honeymoon phase? Don’t worry, your relationship may improve with age!

There is no hard and fast rule on how long the honeymoon period lasts. It could be a couple of months, it could be a couple of years. However, there is no dispute over what exactly it is. It’s that sickly sweet period of time at the start of a relationship where you can’t keep two people away from each other.

They are so deeply and disgustingly in love that they cannot pass the time apart and cannot see the smallest guilt in the other. You could tell them their other half is a serial killer, and they would still find it endearing!

The end of times

It can be a bit of a shock to the couple in question, then, when they have been so firmly settled in this way, to witness that the feeling of love begins to fade. And when it starts to fade, it does so at an exponential rate. But it is certainly not all bad and bad. Yes, “being in love” ?? part of the relationship may be dwindling, but is that true “love” then ?? part of the relationship begins to come in its place.

Why you shouldn’t be afraid when the honeymoon phase ends

The following list describes some of those signs that the honeymoon period is indeed coming to an end but more importantly, it also explains what these signs mean in the broader context of your relationship as a whole – and how they can actually be one. good thing.

1. Have a gas . Okay, the example of farting in front of the other might be on the rougher end of the spectrum of personal habits, but it’s a good point nonetheless. The thing is, there comes a point in a relationship when you stop holding it back.


While before, you would have suffered from stomach cramps with heroic endurance in a desperate attempt to maintain your good reputation, trying to impress ultimately matters less. And this is a good thing. It shows that you are not only comfortable, but that you are finally comfortable with yourself. Enjoy the freedom!

2. All hanging on . Do you remember when you were constantly on the phone with each other, and in those brief moments that you weren’t, the crackling tones of the newcomer text messages were constant? Well, it could be slowed down to a point where they both communicate with each other at a much slower pace – with normal punctuation marks in the daytime routine.

However, this isn’t something that particularly needs to be mourned. All this means that the desperate need to remind the other of your presence is no longer so insistent. And let’s face it, you’re probably a lot more productive now that you’re not on the phone 24 hours a day.

3. Reproducing it . It is likely to be the case, when the honeymoon period begins to fade into normalcy, that you don’t take the same level of care of yourself and your appearance. It is not acceptable to start showering with a can and wear the same pair of underwear for a week at a time. In any case it is a foul.

Perhaps the meticulous three-hour grooming campaign you used to make sure has suffered a little. And that’s not a bad thing, as long as you make at least some effort in the presence of your significant other. It’s time to start feeling good about yourself and your partner and enjoying the true benefits of true love.

4. Honesty is the best policy . I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t been in the situation where they tried a little too much to impress a potential partner during the early stages of the relationship – pretending to love Vietnamese food, for example, because it’s one of their favorites when in reality. they hate it. Okay, okay for a few months or so, but do you really want to keep that fiction for the rest of your days? Of course not.


Loving someone rather than being in love with them means that you can finally explain your tastes, wants and needs without trepidation or hesitation. Yes, that could mean the honeymoon phase is over – but I’d say it was fairly fair trade.

5. Happy is just as happy . Of course, you don’t want to give off bad vibes when you’re on your honeymoon. Solve all the misadventures in your current life story, get on with things and make a brave face. But this is where true love, promoted over a period of time, takes over the entire honeymoon period. Sharing is a very important part of love, and the whole act of being able to admit unhappiness, and helping / being helped through it is love.

6. Save the tales . That whole thing you do during the honeymoon period where you constantly try to impress your ward with stories of how wonderful you are, well now it can stop. If they love you, they will love you for who you are, and this is the end of a honeymoon period that everyone is probably happy with.

7. PDA oblivion . A dead murder regarding the end of the honeymoon phase in your relationship is the sudden absence of public displays of affection. This can be a point of contention if a couple has a particular inclination or need for PDAs, and it is something that can be easily corrected.


But if it’s completely mutual, there’s nothing to worry about. Simply accept that things have moved on, and as you become more comfortable, the need to advertise your togetherness is less urgent. Not bad at all.

8. Those three little words . You know which three I mean – if not, then you are reading the wrong article! Okay, post-honeymoon period, these words might be less said, but that’s not necessarily something to worry about. It might just mean that you are both safe in what you have together. If this is the case, then congratulations are much more accurate than the opposite.

9. Very simple . Quite simply, all those months of being constantly on the alert and being too aware of how you should present yourself are a thing of the past. You may fear that the absence of a constant need to make the best impression signals the end of a glorious time, but isn’t it better to relax in a comfort zone with someone who knows and loves you than to pretend to be something you are not?

10. Singular pleasures . The key to a happy and fulfilling relationship is to not only cultivate it, but also nurture yourself. With the honeymoon period out of the way, coupled with that desperate need to exist only for your significant other, you can start looking after yourself again to make sure you can contribute to the relationship as a healthy, strong individual.

The end of the honeymoon phase, as you can see from the list above, only signals the beginning of a new phase in the relationship, not its end. Enjoy the progression and give yourself a pat on the back to successfully get through the next stages of the relationship game.

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