Why have sex ? Not just for pleasure: orgasm gives us many benefits that go far beyond the enjoyment of the moment.

Are you stressed, tired, fatigued?

There is a natural remedy as old as the world: sexual activity .

Woody Allen opined, “Sex without love is an empty experience, but among the empty experiences it is among the best.”

Numerous studies show that sex, if practiced regularly , is good, increases the well-being of the person through many small but important benefits. Find out which ones!

  1. Sex has an anti-stress function . During sex, the body produces substances that have an important anti-stress function : dopamine , which counteracts the hormones associated with tension and agitation; l’endorphin ‘ , also known as the ” happiness hormone ” because it helps to keep up the mood; finally oxytocin , a hormone that increases desire and therefore activity and the desire to do. In addition, people who have sexual intercourse regularly are generally more relaxed , less depressed and physically and emotionally more satisfied , thanks to the production of serotonin., ingredient contained in antidepressants. And all this, for example, in women can lead to regularization of the menstrual cycle .
  2. Sex is a great form of physical activity . Wheezing, sweaty body, increased heart rate: it is no coincidence that the ” symptoms ” of sex and those of sports are similar. Having sex is good for training: think that thirty minutes of sex burns 85 calories .
  3. Sex improves blood pressure . In particular, it  reduces the pressure  of diastole and therefore can lower the minimum pressure . Perfect for those suffering from high blood pressure, therefore. Orgasm affects the fluidity of the blood and thus improves circulation thanks to the increase in heart rhythm and blood pressure which promote blood flow and oxygenation of cells . Like all cardiovascular activities, it promotes the proper functioning of the heart .
  4. Sex strengthens the immune system . The frequency of sexual activity increases the presence in the body of an antigen, immunoglobin A , capable of fighting influenza viruses . To say goodbye to colds, you know what to do !!
  5. Sex makes the skin younger . The orgasm increases the level of DHEA hormones , which make the  skin more  bright , nourished and oxygenated .
  1. Sex is a pain reliever . Pleasure beats pain. The endorphins released during sex also serve to forget , at least momentarily, the ailments. However, if you suffer from back pain, be careful to choose the right position. Orgasm, therefore, can act as a natural analgesic , because it has the power to relieve and calm headaches (therefore the excuse of women’s excuses for not doing so will no longer be valid) and pain related to the menstrual cycle, thanks to the oxytocin which increases the level of endorphins .
  2. Sex improves confidence and intimacy as a couple . Thanks to oxytocin, you are more likely to feel confident and peaceful after sexual activity. This means that even the most jealous partners can find a moment of peace after sex. If you have a relationship crisis to deal with, a physical rapprochement can pave the way for a better harmony.
  3. Sex decreases the occurrence of some cancers . A regular ejaculation avoids the stagnation of sperm , the cause of many diseases. In particular, regular sexual activity can reduce the incidence of prostate cancer . The regularity is more important than the number of times: sudden frequency changes are inadvisable . Therefore frequent intercourse reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer in men .
  1. Sex induces sleep . The relaxation and fatigue that follows sexual activity can cause sleepiness . During sex, as mentioned, endorphins are released , substances that produce a slightly sedative effect that promotes sleep and helps us rest better. This is why it is almost natural to sleep after making love. Therefore, you know what is the remedy to use against insomnia, to try absolutely!
  2. Sex counteracts erectile dysfunction . It seems like a paradox, but it really is. Constant sexual activity fuels blood flow in the arteries of the penis, so the tissues stay healthier . An erection is like an athletic performance – the more you train, the better results you get.
  3. Sex improves sperm quality, hence fertility . Regular sexual activity increases the volume of semen that is released during each ejaculation. Furthermore, frequent replacement prevents fertilization from “old” sperm , which can cause genetic problems to the fetus. Having sex often therefore helps fertility .
  4. Sex increases one’s self-esteem . A fulfilling sex life and orgasms in particular often positively affect mood and emotional health. Orgasms consequently increase our self-esteem and self- confidence .

A healthier heart, fewer diseases, a better trained body, a happier life: all these factors contribute to increasing longevity .

We can therefore say it: sex extends life !

So you know what to do.

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