3 essential foods that are brain boosters for kids


Food is generally something that every living being cant live without. It is something that is vital to any living thing. When we talk about food, we talk basically about nutrients, and how they help in the growth and development of our body as a whole.

Food plays a major role in the development of our bodies beginning at the cellular level. Due to the fact that food is a necessity in our daily existence as living beings, therefore more focus should be given to hygiene both personal and the environment the food is to be prepared. Food ensures the quality, growth, and development of various parts of our body and how healthy they appear and become. It has a major role to play from how well our skin glows, to our body development and intellectual virility.
According to basic science, the brain is amazingly an organ that controls many functions of the human body I.e it serves as the mediator of many of the bodily processes. It is that part that interprets or helps understand given information or data. A few other things governed by the brain are Intelligence, creativity, emotion, and memory. Since we all know how important the brain is, there are certain measures to be taken or certain things to do to help increase brain activity, productivity, and effectiveness. The types of food we eat are one of them.

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In this article, I am going to be Listing some foods and their nutrient and how it could help improve a child’s/an individual’s brain productivity. Research has shown that apart from affecting an unborn baby, food also has a role to play in a child’s brain development and plasticity( is the ability of the brain to undergo biological change) especially during the day of birth to the age of 6. As a parent or guardian, there are certain expectations you might have as regards your wards or child in school. You would expect them to be active in school, smart and intelligent; giving your children the right foods is a good first step to taking your child through the journey of excellence. These lists of food can help your kids boost their intellect.

Eggs are almost certainly an important part of our daily meal and should be a very vital and important part of our kid’s daily meal. It can be prepared boiled, scrambled, fried, and any other way you like it prepared. Cool, isn’t it? So with eggs, your kids can never get bored. It can easily be prepared, and sometimes eaten for convenience and fun. When talking about brain boost, eggs, and the brain go hand in hand. Why? Because there are certain nutrients found in eggs that are vital for brain performance.
These nutrients found in eggs that help brain health includes Choline; choline is an essential nutrient that helps the functions of the muscle, liver, and nerves. It is also important for healthy memory and a healthy brain. Another nutrient found in an egg is Vitamin B12.

While Choline is important for a healthy memory, Vit.B12 prevents the loss of Neurons in the brain which is often times associated with dementia. Along sides, the aforementioned nutrient, Vit. B6 is also a very important nutrient found in an egg that regulates mood and prevents mental fatigue. The vitamin is also needed for the brain to produce a feel-good neurotransmitter that helps you relax.

These are some of the nutrients found in an egg. Eggs are one of the most nutritious food on the planet because they contain a little bit of almost all the nutrients your body needs. Eat eggs and enjoy the benefits.
Veggies, according to research, are the best brain food that protects the heart and blood vessels. It also shows that veggies like spinach, mustard green, and kale help to keep the brain sharp. Do you know that simply eating veggies can slow down the chances of dementia or memory loss? This is because veggies contain nutrients like vitamin K, lutein, folate, and beta carotene. So veggies should be an important part of your child’s daily meal that should not be missed.

Milk: Giving your child at minimum, one glass of milk every day will not only boost your child’s consumption of much needed vital nutrient, but also has a direct effect on the brain function. According to researchers, milk drinkers tend to have an overall healthier diet, but there is something about milk intake that specifically offers the brain health an advantage and these includes vitamin B12, calcium, whey protein and a-lactalbumin. To help your child attain his maximum level of brain productivity, giving your child at least a cup of milk to start his or her day is a good step to take.

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