Now for the ladies, how do you react to this scenario where the guy you like or have feelings, has not walked up to you and asked you out, or how about the scenario where you and a guy have been dating for a while now and he hasn’t talked about marriage or proposed due to some reasons or the other.

Do you think it time to take matters into your hand by proposing? If you have that thought and you are scared that proposing to your guy means being the man in that relationship, or you are scared that the respect will not be there, then I will tell you that if there is going to be respected in a home there will be respect and a woman proposing is not a factor that determines the respect in a relationship.

People might be wondering if a woman proposing to a guy is bad. I would clear your notion by saying that a woman proposing marriage to a guy is in fact not bad. In some African countries, men pursuing a lady or proposing marriage to her has become a norm and is gradually becoming a rule. However, women proposing to a man are also not a new thing as research has it that in Guinea-Bissau, which is an African community in Orango island, women proposing to a man has been done in a very different way. They would propose to the man by presenting him with a dish of well-prepared fish, marinated in palm oil and this was done publicly.

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Before you propose, there are a few things you should consider:
Firstly, you need to carefully consider how your guy will react to his woman proposing. If you want the perfect proposal that will bring about a positive response, take into consideration his personality and what he will be comfortable with. If he is an outgoing person and likes attention, then you can go for a public proposal setting and if he is a shy person or an introvert, then you can go for a private proposal setting. If you have had the conversation of spending the rest of your life together and you are positive he will answer favorably, plan a proposal that will be memorable for you and your partner.

Here are some romantic ways you can propose to your guy

If your guy is a romantic and likes attention, then you can plan a date at his favorite place; it could be a favorite restaurant, or his favorite place in a hotel maybe the roof top. Treat your guy with his favorite food and drink, initiate a conversation that will lighten the mood, then you could ease into the proposal by talking about the fun times you’ve had, laughing about the funny times and then you could then talk about wanting to plan that journey with him for the rest of his life and then ask him to marry you. I bet it will definitely be a yes!

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Is your guy the type of person who likes spending time outdoors? You can try this!
Try planning a short vacation or a little road trip, take him to his favorite spots, include his favorite activities; it may be swimming, it may be sightseeing, it may be strolling. When you are both alone, you could create a romantic atmosphere by playing a romantic music and then you could ask him the question.

If you know you have a way with words and your guy fancies them, you could make the day exciting by writing short romantic notes and leaving it in different special places; it could be inside his pocket, inside his wallet or it could be anywhere you feel he will see it. After a whole lot of romantic short note, write the last message with a little more romance asking him to marry you. I’m sure he won’t resist saying yes.


Being brave enough to put yourself out there shows how strong you are but you should be ready to cope with the situation ending either way. If your guy says he is not ready for marriage now, it does not necessarily mean you should break it up with him, it could just mean he is not ready NOW so you could always talk it out and give yourselves more time. But at least, you have been able to put it in his mind that you are expecting marriage. It could hurt but take it as the strong woman you are.

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