4 ways potbelly can be controlled and reduced

Abdominal obesity which is generally known as potbelly is one of the growing syndromes in our world today and it should be fought against because of the health challenge it poses on the body.

One of the reasons potbelly is commonly seen in the 21st century is because many people aren’t mindful of what they eat or what they drink. A lot of people love to have fun and eat or drink whatever they desire without paying much attention to the consequence it will have on their health.

Potbelly is unhealthy, researches have shown that people with potbelly have a high tendency of developing heart disease because it is an unhealthy fat.

Potbelly is caused by having too much fat in the body or having weak belly muscle. It’s mostly common in men and not too rampant in women.

Genetics plays a role in deciding where the fat distribution goes in your body, and it practically relates to two different body types. Either you are apple-shaped or pear-shaped. If you are pear-shaped, then the fat generally accumulates in your lower areas like your fanny. If you are apple-shaped, then your body tends to store fat around your midsection, thus leading to belly fat.

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The only way to get rid of pot belly is to lose weight.

There are a lot of controversies in many homes when their spouse suddenly develops a potbelly and the partner doesn’t like it, it’s nothing to worry about if you can follow the process and reduce fat.

Ways which potbelly can be controlled

Limit alcohol intake:

Any kind of calories be it from alcohol or other sugary beverages can increase belly fat, generally frequent intake of alcohol can be dangerous or cause harm to the body, and more so when you want to burn fat you have to avoid alcohol and the likes.

Drink more water

Water cannot be taken in excess as it is generally believed that water is life, a healthy body needs a sufficient amount of water which is 4-5 liters daily. Water is an essential element in fat loss as it is natural, water helps in food digestion, it helps to always flush the system which helps to avoid fat. It is also advised that water should be taken after meals in place of soft drinks and the like as it prevents more calories from storing in the body which can be dangerous to the health and cause obesity.

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Eat more fibers

Any plant-based food which your body can’t digest is fiber. These include vegetables, corn, oats, and so on. Since most fiber cannot be digested it stays in our stomach longer than other substances and makes us feel full sooner. Though most of it may not contain essential nutrients, fiber helps in reducing the chances of many diseases and is highly effective for weight loss.

Exercise your body often

Exercise helps keep our body strong, flexible, and active, it is a remedy for fat if you do it regularly because you sweat out waste products and burn fats. Regular exercise helps to maintain good shape and helps us to stay healthy. It isn’t too good that we just eat, sleep and wake up without staying fit.

Potbelly has been a concern to a lot of people because of its health hazard and it should not be taken lightly, more attention should be given to it.

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