5 Handy Fashion Hacks For Ladies to avoid unwanted stress


Handy fashion hacks are a never miss for everyone and more importantly, ladies find it very useful.

This article discusses 5 different fashion hacks which should be at the finger tip of all ladies to save them of unnecessary stress.

1. Hide your bra straps with a paper clip.

Are you a lover of open shoulder / off the shoulder dresses or blouses, and don’t have a strapless bra, then this hack is for you and all you need is a paper clip.

Take a paper clip and hook one bra strap through the end of a paper clip under your shirt. Grab the other strap and hook it to the other end of the clip.

You don’t need to rush to the nearest lingerie shop to buy a strapless bra and you have saved yourself some cash.

Holding bra straps with Paper clip

2. Keep your underwear from showing.

Panty lines can ruin even the most perfect outfit and can make you uncomfortable especially if you are in a public space.
So, to achieve a smooth and seamless outlook, you can wear a cotton thong or a V string to hide those side seams and be confident in your outfit.

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Visible panty lines

3. Use a plastic drinking straw to prevent jewelry knots

A tangled necklace is a whole lot of trouble especially to detangle it as it is very stressful and time-consuming most especially if you are in a hurry to wear it.
So, to make your life easy when you are travelling or going on a vacation and you want to pack your jewelry this hack will be beneficial.

All you need to do is take a plastic drinking straw, unclasp the chain on your necklace, thread it through the straw, and reclasp it. You can adjust the length of the straw by cutting it.

The straw will keep the chain from moving too much and creating knots.

A chain put in a plastic straw

4. Remove gum from your clothes.

This is one of the very handy fashion hacks.

To remove gum on your outfit just take an ice cube, cool the gum, and then flick it off with a butter knife. This trick works perfectly because Gum quickly responds to changes in temperature.

PS: do not attempt to scrape the gum off as it will make things worse.

Gum attached to denim

5. Apply nail polish to avoid green marks from a ring.

Not all rings are of high quality and this can turn your finger green because of the chemical reaction between acids and other substances on your skin and the metal of the ring.
This is common to copper rings and to prevent discoloration of your skin, just apply a thin layer of clear nail polish. This will create a barrier, and the metal won’t turn your finger green. Do this as often as you wear the ring.

Nail polish to rings

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