5 things to consider before buying a guitar


Buying a guitar can be a difficult task if you don’t know what to consider right now. That’s why here we’ve gathered some important tips for both those who are going to buy their first guitar and those who want to change instruments.

1. How much can you spend now?

Start by figuring out how much you can spend on purchasing a guitar now. Examine your financial capability, and then look for instruments in that price range.

So you don’t get lost looking for various instruments, but filter the choice according to your budget limit.

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2. Search brands

Once you’ve set your price range, it’s time to research brands. Nowadays several companies manufacture guitars, but it is important to select brands that are already on the market and that are well-spoken, even for their input instruments (more affordable value).

We won’t go into that detail here, but there are many forums on the internet where you can get more information about a brand of instruments. Also, search for reviews of common people who purchased a guitar from both brands and also see reviews on shopping sites.

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But it is important to make it clear here that the brand is not the main influence on the quality of the instrument. There are renowned brands, but they have instruments that do not live up to their fame.

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3. Ropes: steel or nylon?

Some people say that the best thing for beginners is to start with a steel-string guitar. But that’s not true, as many beginners (many of them) start on a steel-string guitar. However, he does end up hurting his fingers less at first.

But the choice here will depend on the sound you want or the style you want to play.

In case you want to play samba, classical music, etc., the nylon guitar is the best choice. It is best suited for those who want to play the fingered guitar.

The guitar with steel strings is aimed at those who want to play rock, blues, pop, country, etc. It tends to give a sound more focused on songs that use a lot of beats and where you use to pick. With it, you have a brighter sound.

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4. New or used instrument

It is possible to buy a used guitar that is in good condition and is cheaper than a new one. A used guitar can be an excellent choice if it has a good provenance. So get the most information.

It would be much better to be able to see the instrument in person, but if that’s not possible, do a lot of research about the seller, ask about the instrument’s status, etc.

In the case of a new instrument, you have a guarantee, many more options, and, in the case of buying from a store, you can have easier payment options. Still, whether it’s new or used, take it to a Luthier to make the adjustments and make it comfortable for you to play.

5. Electric or acoustic guitar

An acoustic has a lower value than an electric guitar. So you also need to know what you want now.

The electric guitar allows you to either play acoustically, taking your instrument anywhere, or play by plugging the instrument into an amplified box, cube, soundboard, etc. The acoustic guitar doesn’t have a pickup, so you can’t play with it connected to a device.

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But if your goal is just to buy a simple guitar to learn or even see if this is the instrument you want to study, it’s worth buying an acoustic model. Then you can buy an electric guitar.

However, if your goal to learn is to form a band, play in church, give presentations, etc., the ideal would be to buy an electric guitar.

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