The thought of writing and passing an exam may look very challenging and scary especially for some courses, subjects or topics you think may be difficult to pass. Student might also be thinking about how to pass their exams with flying colors. This article is going to give you a sure way of passing those courses and your exams in general.

Before writing an exam, there are certain things you need to do to prepare for that exam. As you read on, I am going to be explaining some certain steps on how to read to pass your exam.

There are various reasons why student fail their exams and one of the reason is the lack of seriousness, but in this article, you are going to learn a lot to make you a better student nonetheless, exam times can be really stressful, but there are things to do to overcome that stress.

Majorly, one of the surest ways of reading to pass your exams and pass them well is by reading broad or wide. Of course you know that there is a difference between just passing an exam and passing an exam well i.e. with flying colors. So even with this guide, reading is a must to achieve your goal.

Here are few tips on how to pass an exam

Study Wide and Deep
Like I said earlier, no matter the course, subject or topic, reading and reading wide is always the key to academic success. When I mean reading wide, I mean not restricting your reading to the normal school notes, read text books. This does not mean you should read without direction and purpose. If you are to read wide, make sure there is a focus to your reading wide that is, you can use syllabus or course outline to read wide and read deep. By doing this, you have an advantage because to be frank, you might really not know where the question is going to come from. Some students use past questions and limit themselves to that. So, rather than take the risk of the question coming from a random place you’ve not read, reading wide and reading deep would be the better option so that you will be confident enough to say that you are well prepared for your exams.

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Set a reading time table
Before reading, one important thing to do is to create a reading time table. Creating a reading time table will ensure that you cover all the subjects or courses you are supposed to read to prepare you for the coming exams. You just have to make the time table a realistic one. What do I mean by realistic? I mean creating a time table that will fit in along sides your schedule of the day or for the week. In that reading time table you should have the subject or course you are going to read for each day, the time you are going to read each subject, how many hours you are going to spend on each subjects, brake period if you want one. In general, just make it realistic.

Reading environment
For some people, reading in a particular environment at a particular time, makes them comfortable and makes their reading enjoyable; but for other people, this is not so because they can adapt to any environment. Creating a reading environment for yourself is another step to enjoying your reading. While some people cannot read in a noisy environment, other people could also be able to read in a distracting environment. In general find a reading environment that make you comfortable and make use of it.

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Fight the fear of your most dreaded subject
The fear of a particular subject alone can cause a student to fail his/her exams. This is because, they believe a particular subject to be difficult and not passable. As a student, overcoming the fear of a subject, course or topic, will make it easier to understand because you would want to know the subject genuinely and read to understand it.

Do you know that one of the reasons students who has studied hard for their exams goes blank in the examination hall is because they let fear creep into their minds? Fear is a really bad thing that needs to be overcome if you are to pass.

Set an objective for yourself
Having an objective in mind is very important. This can help you channel your attention or efforts towards what you want to achieve. For example, you could write the names of each of your subject or courses, and then write down the grade or score that you would want to get from that course beside it, then you start working really hard towards it. Setting an objective for yourself is almost like having a guide line to help you work towards what you want to achieve.

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Don’t forget to sleep
The average amount of time to be spent sleeping in a day is 8hrs. It doesn’t matter whether you want to read all through the day or all through the night; you could always find a balance and a time to sleep. No matter how well prepared you want to be for your exams, lack of sleep has a major side effect both mentally and physiologically to a person. So give yourself full eight hours of good sleep.

Form or Join a reading group
The essence of forming or joining a reading group is to make your reading fun and interesting. Gather people or friends you feel or know has the same or more passion or zeal for reading as you do, create a reading schedule for your group, and make sure you are always in attendance. If there are some things you do not understand from your time reading on your own, ask that question in the group and listen to their opinion. This means that you also have read on your own prior to the time for group reading.

With this few reading tips, your reading is sure to bring you success in your exams.

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