In this article, we have gathered very useful tips on how to sing in tune.

The problem with singing out of key happens because the instrument or playback is playing a certain key (then following a chord progression based on that key), but when you sing, you get lost and start singing notes that have nothing to do with the pitch in question or the chords being played.

This way, you end up changing the melody notes (often without noticing) and the sound sounds “out of tune” in your voice.

But before we go on, we must clarify that it is important to follow up with a teacher, in this case, he will be able to assess your voice and give more personalized guidance.

Another thing we need to comment on here is frequency. We also brought here some exercises and you must practice them daily to develop this skill and no longer play or sing out of tune.

So let’s get to know the tips!

1. Train your ear

The first step in how to sing in tune is to develop your ear. According to specialists, hearing is very important for the development of our speech. And the same thing happens here with the development of the “musical language”.

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But now you ask: “how to train my ear”?

For this there are several things:

– Study musical scales and go solo (singing along) while playing each note on your instrument (keyboard, piano, guitar, etc.);

– Listen to a lot of music;

– Do exercises with musical intervals;

– Among others.

Ear Training: How to Train Your Ears Like a Pro

2. Listen to the song well before starting to sing it

Listen to the song several times before starting to practice it. This is important for you to get used to the melody and be able to play it properly.

How To Sing Better (12 Singing Tips) - RAPID Improvement - Music Grotto

3. Start with short songs

Another tip here is to start studying short songs. For example, children’s songs, etc. That way you can progress faster.

Short songs have a simpler melody and, therefore, easier to be recorded. Songs with more complex melodies will be more difficult to play and this will leave you frustrated.

As you evolve, you can then move on to bigger songs and less simple melodies.

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4. Sing the song without the lyrics

But how well if sing without the lyrics?

Take the song and sing only its melody. With this, you will focus only on the melody part until you can reproduce it faithfully. After you’ve trained well, then add the lyrics later and keep practicing.

How to Find a Song You Know Nothing About: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

5. Study the music in parts

Take isolated parts of the song, such as the chorus, and practice until you can sing in tune. This way you will get a more consistent and faster result.

Especially select parts of the song that have a melody that seems simpler, more “bubble” so to speak.

Musical Structures - Music Theory Academy

6. Focusing on the root of the chord

This one is a very interesting exercise for you who play an instrument, even if it’s the basics. Here you would have to do the following:

– We will play a chord sequence in a key, for example, in the key of C, and you will imitate the root of each chord.

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See how it looks:

– Play the C chord and take the chord’s bass (the C note) and play it back with your voice while playing the chord;

– Now change the chord, go to G (G major) and play the bass of that accord first and play the note with your voice, then play the chord while doing that;

– Finally, play now the F chord (F major) and do the same thing;

– Then start again, playing the chord and issuing your root with your voice.

Music Theory: Chord Roots and Chord Inversion

7. Taking songs without voice (only with a melody played on an instrument)

Remember we talked about songs? Well, look on the internet for these songs played, for example, on a piano or guitar (only the melody, no singing voice).

And try singing along. One thing that would help a lot here would be to take these songs and reduce your speed to be able to sing. On YouTube there is a way to do this, so make use of this feature to help you with the exercise.

What is Melody in Music? How to Use Melody in Your Songwriting | LANDR Blog

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