8 Tips on colour styling to make you look slimmer.


When styling yourself or you are looking for the next outfit to choose, it is important to consider your choice of colours (colour styling) especially when you want to hide some details on your body shape or when you want to make some areas conspicuous.

Black they say is a colour that makes you slimmer while white colour gives you the opposite effect.

Everyone has that black skirt, trouser or dress in their closet with the main aim of playing safe when combining colours but let me also make you know that black never fails to make you look slim and elegant.

Darker shades of colors like blue, purple and brown can also help to hide flaws and create a slimming illusion.

On the other hand, lighter colors, like white and khaki, can make you look like you added and give the illusion of a larger frame.

Have u ever entered a room painted in white? you will notice it appears bigger when compared to the another room of the same size painted in a darker colour.

In the same way, some colours make your body appear slimmer and some will make you look like you added extra weight.

So, let’s go on this journey of colour styling to identify the outfit colours we need to accentuate our various body types.

Tips to choosing colours for your body type.

1 Are you a woman with full hips and you want to make them look slimmer, then consider using dark colors for the bottom clothes and bright colors for the upper clothes e.g black trousers and white top

A white top and black trouser combination

2 Do you have a big tummy which you want to conceal? Wear dark clothes to conceal the part as wearing a bright colour will only make it appear wider than it is already.

3 If you want to make accent at your slim waist you can wear dark colored belt (black, dark blue, brown) with bright clothes.

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Accentuating a slim waist with a dark coloured belt

4 If you want to accentuate your height or add a couple inches to your petite frame, wear monochromatic colors from top to bottom. This helps to create a visual vertical line that lengthens out the body, as well as hides flaws.

5 Do you have a very broad chest with narrow hips? you need to use dark colors for top clothes and more bright and vivid colors for bottom clothes e.g black top and khaki trousers.

Black top with khaki colour styling

 6 There are colors that visually make body bigger and you need always remember about them: White, yellow, orange, red, pink are all shining colors.

Set of shiny coloured clothes

7 If your body type in which your shoulders, waist and hips have the same width, you need to make an accent on your waist. For that you shouldn’t use black color, which make the body look flat. It is better to use vivid and bright colors.

8 If you’re on the shorter side, do not pair a light top with dark pants.Doing so will visually cut the body in half, making you appear shorter.

So don’t buy something just because it looks good on someone else choose according to your the size and shape of your body and see yourself appear gracefully at your next outing.

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