8 Unique Event Centres in the Heart of Ikeja Lagos


Event centres varies in different specifications for various categories of event to suit your plan. It is the delight of every one planning one event or the other to get a perfect match to meet up their standard.

Ikeja is the capital of Lagos and there are tastefully built event centres which I will be navigating for you to know and make your choice for your next event if it will be located in the heart of ikeja.

1 Yard 158 Event Arena

Yard 158 is a multi-purpose event centre located at Plot 34, Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun in the heart of Ikeja, capital city of Lagos. Positioned on approximately 5 acres of land, it is the largest private arena in Nigeria unmatched for versatility, security and convenience. A space so flexible that whether your event is a small party or an international trade show, an open air crusade or cocktail, it provides the ideal platform for people to meet and interact.

The venue boasts of varying specifications of halls and each of this halls are according to the capacities they can take as well as your choice of event.

1 The big arena (also called the mega centre): it is a marquee that can take up to 4000 guests in a theatre sitting or 2500 guests in a banquet sitting.

2 The south Arena (the grace centre): it has a maximum capacity of 1200 guest in a banquet sitting.

3 The North Arena(glitter hall): it has a maximum capacity of 1500 guest in a banquet sitting

4 The green zone: it is a garden which is designed to accommodate 150 guest for banquet seating and 250 for conference seating.

This event centre also has some features that makes it stand out such as car park for up to 500 guests, state of the art facilities and access points for disabled visitors.

So, are you looking forward to host a very large number or guests or planning a carnival like event, yard 158 is your best plug for such event.

2. Grandeur Event Centre

Grandeur Event Centre is  located at 17, Billings way Oregun in Ikeja. It seats 1000 guests in a banquet arrangement and 2500 guests for conference seating style. The event centre has a variety of features that makes it stand out as well and this includes ample parking space, fully air-conditioned halls, multimedia facilities for projecting events, standby generators, souvenir storage facilities, large dedicated serving areas for caterers, floor to ceiling glass walls with fabrics as well as a lounge.
The cost of renting this event hall Is within the range of ₦1,500,000 to ₦2,000,0000.

3. 10 Degrees Event Centre

10 Degrees Event Centre is one of the biggest and finest multipurpose halls in the mainland axis of Lagos suitable for a wide range of events such as luncheons, wedding ceremonies, dinners e.t.c. This event centres boasts of unique facilities which includes full air-conditioned facilities and elegance lights, parking space, standby generator and adequate security. The event centre has a banquet seating capacity of 2000 and 4000 for theatre seating.

Do you want to use this hall but you know you wont have guests up to the dedicated number, it can be divided and transformed into 2 main halls.
About ₦2,500,000 will get you this hall.

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10 degrees events centre

4. Anchor Events Place

Anchor Events place located in a serene Environment at 1 Registration Close, Beside Federal Internal Revenue Service, Agindinbi ikeja is a unique event centre choice for those who want a spectacular ambience starting from the surrounding up to the main hall as it is decorated with flowers and has a water fountain to catch your attention.

This marquee hall is designed to accommodate 1000 persons for a conference seating and 800 for banquet seating arrangement.
Some of the facilities in this event centre includes parking space for about 300 cars, classy chandeliers to add glamour to your event, stand by generator, fully air conditioned and adequate Security.

5.Classique Events Place

Located in a serene Environment at 7a, kudirat abiola way oregun ikeja and it is notable for hosting Weddings, birthdays and Corporate events and auditions.
This event centre has 2 categories of halls in it named Classique halls with Pearl and Topaz hall accommodating 500 and 1200 as well as citadel halls having 3 sub halls called the emerald, ruby and jade halls.

What ever is your guest size, you have various capacities of halls to choose from.

This event centres has a parking space for about 300 cars , 1000kva generator, comfortable ensuite changing rooms, well laid out vendors area and fully air conditioned state of the art rest rooms.

Classique events centre

6. The Event Centre 

Located at Plot 1, Block B, Hakeem Balogun Street, Off Cadbury, Agidingbi Road, Ikeja, Lagos is at a strategic and very accessible location.
This event centre has a banquet sitting capacity of 1000 guests and theatre sitting of 1500 respectively. It has a  beautifully decorated lobby with water Fountain and Pool.
The facilities provided includes air conditioning systems, Projector, lightening, neat restrooms and adequate security.  
With #1,500,000  you will be able to get a space for your event. 

The event centre

7.Sheba Event Centre

This is an marquee event centre which is great for traditional engagements, Weddings, Birthdays and Conferences. It can accommodate 800 Guests in banquet sitting and 1500 in a theatre sitting.
If you love to use chivalry chairs for your event without having to rent outside, sheba centre is a good option for you as that is what is used there. This event centre also has and has parking space, air conditioning system and Changing Rooms.  

Sheba events centre

8 The Balmoral Hall

it is a state of the art event centre located at the popular Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos. The Balmoral Hall provides an excellent environment for all kinds of event ranging from corporate event, weddings, engagement ceremonies, Burial ceremonies, Birthday ceremonies etc.
It is a 1200 square meter venue built to conveniently host guests in about 4 types of sitting arrangement namely; theatre sitting to accomodate about 1000 to 1500, hollow square sitting to accommodate about 750 ro 1000 guests, banquet sitting to accomodate 650 to 800 guests and a cocktail arrangement to accomodate 1200 to 1500 guests.
Other side attraction to the hall includes modern decor finishes, a stage, lighting, nice changing rooms, well secured parking space and tight Security.

The balmoral hall

Walking you through notable event centres in ikeja, I hope you will be able to make a perfect selection for your next event.

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