9 Beach Outfits That Will Make You Look Confident

Visits to the beach is a trip to look out for, especially to unwind after a stressful schedule, or to catch fun and also for outing with your date.Your choice of beach outfits is very important as it will go a long way in determining how comfortable, classy, confident and how fashionable you would be.

This article provides you with 9 fashion styles and combinations as regarding beach outfits that will make you look great on your next visit to the beach.

1 High-Waisted Shorts with a Bikini Top, a hat and a Straw Bag

This combination is a good match for you if you want to appear stunning for your beach outing.
Perfect this combo with a matching hat and a straw bag.

2 One Piece Swimsuit and a Denim Skirt

A one piece outfit is a great choice for those who likes the easy way of making a choice. So, make things easier on yourself by wearing a one-piece that can double as a top if you’re planning on dining at a nearby restaurant during a midday sun break. And you can’t go wrong with a casual yet polished denim skirt.

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3 Button-Down shirt and Shorts

A button-down shirt provides you with something light and breezy. This look is also great for other outdoor activities such as sight seeing.

You can look stunning in a button down shirt by manipulating it in two ways.
One way is to consider tying your shirt up so as to show off your shorts or skirt. This will help you achieve a vintage-inspired look. You can also easily change in and out of them. This way you will look simple yet elegant.

Second way is to unbutton the top half of your shirt, slide it down just below your shoulders, and then tie at the waist. Accessorize with a hair scarf for a retro finish.

4 Kimono and Bikini Top with Trousers and easy to wear slides

A Kimono is a lightweight robe and can serve as a great cover-up over for your bikini wears. A Kimono allows you to show off your other outfit yet fully covering you up.

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This is especially great to cover you from the mid-day sun at the beach. You can add loose trousers and easy to wear slide or sandals to complete the simple but yet classy look.

5 Flowing Maxi Dress

A flowy maxi dress is a very comfortable dress, while still maintaining your sophisticated look due to its loose nature.

Use nice accessories on this outfit and probably with a sun glass and a hat too.

6 Crop Top with a sarong or pareo

This pair is a must never miss for beach lovers because they are easily adjustable and very light and they also bring comfortability to the wear, coupled with a sexy look.
A sarong is a large length of fabric that is usually wrapped around the waist which can come in various designs such as a brightly colored or as a check pattern.

7 Wrap top and shorts

You can wrap around yourself a wrap top with a colorful short. This is an appropriate outfit for the beach mood, happy and free.

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This look is super appropriate for those with flat tummies and hot legs which they would love to show off better.

8 Playsuits/ Romper

A playsuit or a romper is a shorter version of a jumpsuit.
A playsuit is a suitable outfit for a beach outing because it is free, easy to wear and breathable, yet super chic.

9 Bikini top and see-through chiffon skirt

You can wear a bikini top with see-through chiffon skirt. This is perfect to show off your shape and also hide scars or stretch marks on the body if you wish to.

For the picture lovers, you can add your sunglasses and hat here for a great picture.

Bikini top and see through skirt beach outfits

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