9 indispensable guitar accessories you should know


For any guitarist, guitar accessories help a lot in playability and good performance. They guarantee much more comfort when playing the guitar. Some guitar accessories are essential for every guitarist.

The coolest thing is that there are several options for accessories, each with its features, and they are in different shapes, sizes, and materials. If you are venturing into the world of guitar accessories, check out the list below with the ones we consider indispensable.

1. Reeds

We can say that reeds are one of the most used accessories in string instruments, including guitars. It is a small object, usually plastic and triangular, which guarantees better playability for the guitarist, allowing the execution of picks, solos, and fingerings with greater precision.

The reeds vary in thickness to accompany the strings, ranging from extra-fine to extra-heavy, and in most cases, guitar reeds are of thicker material.

selecting a reed - music books for woodwind

2. Slide

The slide is a tube-shaped accessory, which can be produced in glass, ceramic or metal, and is used to slide along the guitar strings, producing more captivating sounds. In general, the slide is fitted to the ring or middle finger, but this depends a lot on the preference and technique used by the musician.

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A feature of this accessory is that it requires a little more coordination and a few good hours of training, but it’s worth it for the result.

Amazon.co.jp: Guitar Slide Set, Metal Guitar Slide Bottleneck Guitar Slides  Guitar Bass and Stainless Steel Slides for String Instruments, Gold, 1 Set  : Musical Instruments

3. Capotrast

The Capotrast is an accessory that presses the guitar strings at the same time. It is called a “capo” or armband. When used on the guitar, it allows you to make the tones higher.

Its mainly used to boost half a step at each forward fret on the fretboard, producing different tones without changing the chords of the song.

Shark Guitar Capo String Capotraste Violao for Acoustic Electric Guitarra  Bass 6 Strings|capotraste violao|guitar capocapo violao - AliExpress

4. Belt

The straps are necessary to keep the guitar secure during its use. It preventing possible falls and also for the comfort it brings to the guitarist.

There are several options for colours and prints. It is necessary to invest in straps made with resistant materials, such as leather and nylon.

Leather Guitar Neck Strap Holder Button Headstock Adaptor Adjustable Guitar  Strap Belt Parts & Accessories|Other Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress

5. Stringer

The stringer is an accessory that makes life easier for musicians when it comes to changing the strings of the guitar. And other string instruments that use pegs, as it helps to turn them much more easily and quickly.

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Guitar Stringer Winding String Cutting Pliers Cone Puller Three-in-one Folk  Acoustic Guitar String Changing

6. Tuner

The tuner is an accessory that makes life much easier for many musicians. In addition to ensuring accurate tuning on many string instruments, including the guitar, it is portable to carry around.

Professional Automatic Guitar Tuner @ Sharper Image

7. Cables

The cables are needed to connect the guitar amplifiers, and the most used in this case are the plug with P10 ( used for applicators, turntables, and other playback devices).

The better the cable quality, the more faithful your guitar sound reproduction – and of course, there will be less noise.

Hosa Straight to Same - Guitar Cable - Instrument Cables | Hosa Cables

8. Cover, cases and bags

Every guitarist worries that his guitar will suffer small (or big) accidents, such as drops, scratches, and bumps. Therefore, guitar covers, cases, and bags are indispensable to maintain the integrity of your instrument. 

In addition, they protect the material from environmental impurities and from direct contact with sunlight, ensuring greater durability.

Gator Economy Wood Case - 3/4-size Acoustic Guitar Case | Sweetwater
Thomann SafeCase 80 bass guitar Bag – Thomann UK

9. Support

In addition to the item above, the brackets also serve to ensure the durability of an instrument. They ensure that your guitar is well fixed, preventing possible falls when propped anywhere. You can choose from two models:

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Wall bracket: allows you to hang the guitar by the neck.

Amazon.com: OTIME Guitar Wall Hanger Double Guitar Holder Wall Mount  Ukulele Wall Mount Guitar Bracket Wood Hanging Rack with Pick Holder and 4  Hook & Guitar Picks : Musical Instruments

Floor stand: like a pedestal, it holds the guitar. Plus, you can count on the mobility of taking you on presentations and rehearsals.

Guitar Stand A Frame Foldable Universal Fits All Guitars Acoustic Electric  Bass Stand Electric Guitar Stand Musical Instruments & DJ Bass Guitars &  Gear

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