Abacha meal, its amazing benefits and why you shouldn’t miss it


The Abacha is an African salad that is common in the western part of Nigeria.
It is also called tapioca, is a starch that is extracted from the cassava root. It is a delicious meal that is enjoyed by all, but it is mostly enjoyed among the Igbos. The dish is prepared using peeled, dried, and shredded cassava.
The meal is high in calories and researchers have made it known that a well-prepared Abacha is mostly advisable for human consumption, because of its health benefits.

These are few health benefits of Abacha according to https://nimedhealth.com.ng/2020/07/16/african-salad-health-benefits-of-abacha-food-abacha-and-pregnancy/?amp.
💠It aids digestion and boosts blood circulation.
💠Contains good amount of fibre, treats constipation and encourage bowel movement.
💠 Reduces blindness risk.
💠Reduces heart diseases.
💠Prevents cloning cancer (anticancer).
💠Treats obesity.
💠It is gluten free. Perfect for persons with gluten intolerance.
💠It is also rich in b-complex nutrients.
💠Rich in vitamin C (from the vegetables).
💠High protein source (from the meat, shrimps and orishirishi)
💠Aids good vision and eye health.
Having seen these benefits, the meal is advised to be consumed in the right proportion as it aids healthy living.
The meal calories:- 100g of the meal contains 380kcal.
The food recipes include:- Abach, ugba, palm oil, powdered potash( not advisable for pregnant women), spices, fish/ meat/ ponmo and the likes, seasoning cubes, water, utazi leaves, salt to taste, dry pepper, and other ingredients according to one’s choice.
Personal hygiene is needed and recommended during the cooking process to avoid contamination,


and others which can be very harmful to human health.
To make your dish look more attractive, you can add onions, vegetables, fishes or beef, and others, based on your choice after preparation. They are called toppings, they aren’t mandatory though.
Preparation of Abacha

  • dissolve and filter your potash,
  • add palm oil and stir until a yellowish paste is formed,
  • then add your pepper, grounded crayfish( optional) and ehu ( optional too) and stir,
  • add ugba( needed to get the desired taste) to the mixture and stir,
  • add your salt,
  • lastly, add your Abacha and cook for few minutes.
    The meal is ready to be served.

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