Accessories Every Lady Should Have in Their Wardrobe


Looking great is good business and your choice of accessories accentuates your look.
Accessories go the extra mile to bring out the uniqueness in you and makes you pop in your outfit. Likewise, it is important you have them in your wardrobe in varying quantities.

Just as you take your time in selecting nice outfits, it is necessary for you to match up with the good accessories too.
This article discusses the most important accessories you need in your wardrobe for a stylish appearance.

1 Jewelry

Your jewelries includes your earings, neck pieces, Pearls, bangles, nose rings and the likes.
This pieces when correctly combined gives you a spectacular look.
Do well to stock your jewelry box with nice pieces in this category of accessories.

2 Handbags

Handbags are very important as they complement your overall dressing. The way and manner you carry it also matters and can make you stand out In the crowd.

You don’t have to fill your closet with varying colours of bags if you cant afford a lot. A black bag or a nude colour can do the magic too.
Another variant is a clutch purse or a clutch bag. This is very useful when you go for a dinner party or a date as it makes you elegant.

Do well to rock a statement handbag on your next outing and let your bag do the talking.

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Lady using a clutch purse

3 Hats

Hats are also good accessories because they complement your outfit and they go with almost everything.
Are you dressing casually or in a formal way? Hats will fit it into that outfit.

4 Shoes
This accessory is very important as it can make or mar your outfit.
They come in various designs from comfy flat shoes, sneakers to heels and so on. If you are a lover of designer shoes too you can rock them and get noticed.

For lovers of pencil skirts or trousers, sneakers is absolutely a great match

5 Scarves

Using a scarf as an accessory changes your overall look depending on how you wear and style it.

You can knot your scarf on your hair as a means of coverage, it can pass as a neck accessory. You can also use it in form of a shawl most especially the cashmere shawl and also you can knot the scarf on your bag.

It is also important you know that scarves are unisex and both men and women can rock it to their taste.

Cashmere scarf

6 Belts

Belts are often used to tightly grab an outfit to your body. This is often seen to be used in Jeans(denim), pants and some dresses.
Also, considering your body type or shape, you can be make it more pronounced using a belt.
If you have a tiny waist or a snatched waist, make use of your belt and look elegant.

7 Wrist watch

Watches dont go out of fashion year in year out and is an important accessory for everyone to own.

You can have them at least in any of this four colours and you are good to go any day.
* Gold
* Silver

8 Sunglasses
They are often used for protection against ultra violet rays and the sun. However, sunglasses are for fashionistas too and it makes a statement when you combine with your outfit.

There are varieties of sunglasses which different fittings on the face. So, it would be great for you to determine which fits your face the most.

9 White Formal Shirt
Formal shirts are very important most especially for working class people. A white formal shirt will always stand out any time any day.
If you are having an interview too, you will find this piece useful.

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