Tie and dye is a design achieved by a system of dying clothes in colours and leaving some part of the cloth undyed.The term adire actually means “tied and dyed, and it was first applied to the indigo-dyed cloth.  It is the contrast between the dyed and the undyed part that create the special design called adire, it uses different techniques to achieve diverse patterns on the fabric.

Adire pattern

The name tie and dye comes as a old system of production which is by tying the material to prevent dye from entering some certain parts before soaking the material in dye. It is one of the Yoruba traditional fabrics and it is peculiar to the South Western woman of Nigerian , majorly the abeokuta and ibadan women , it thereby preserve culture and traditions, rich heritage and the textile making skills of Nigeria. 
Using various methods the tie-dye processes can be achieved.these method consists of stitching, folding, tying, pleating, and binding (using strings, twine, thread, rubber band). The manipulations of the fabric prior to the application of dye are called resists, as they partially or completely prevent the applied dye from coloring the fabric.

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Tying and dying of the fabric

Adire and the fashion sense
Adire has gone beyond using the fabrics to sew the stereotypical iro and buba or bubu, Afrocentric people now sew different style with the adire fabric, adire has meet modernity ,the adire is been used for various items, the adire cloth has become more innovative and trend setting , several things or items are been produced using the adire pattern this days.

Adire meets modernity

Throw pillow with the adire pattern
Trendy styles sewn with adire

There is an unmissable hype on the Adire fabric, as fashion conscious people are rooting and creating fabulous and fantastic piece from the cloth,it has also involve creating and selling unique, handcrafted products of the highest quality. several celebrities and singers, Afrocentric people have been spotted favouring the adire pattern on different fabrics.

The adire trend

Adire is an absolutely fun and cheerful fabric it is more Afrocentric and are exclusive to Nigeria alone. Every line, pattern and design on the adire fabric represents something to the creator and create antiquity.

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Adire has severe several purpose of giving a vibe of been Nigerian with a touch of modernity ,even though adire production is quite tedious ,it has created massive job employment in Nigeria.

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