Amazing facts about essential oils and uses.


Onebamazing fact you need to know about Essential oils and how they are used is that they are aromatic substances made from the infusion of parts of plants to get the scent-producing compound. The extracts can be gotten from various methods which will be discussed.

What are Essential oils?

As introduced earlier, essential oils are aromatic compounds gotten from the total immersion of a plant into a carrier oil. They are made either by steaming, total immersion, or pressing parts of the plant under pressure. Doing this gets out the scent-producing compound from the plant.

Essential oils
source : unsplash

Parts used in making the oils.

  • Leaves
  • Barks
  • Roots
  • Flowers
  • Fruits

How are Essential oils made

They can be made in several ways but the common ones are distillation and cold press method. Others include :

  • Solvent extraction
  • CO2 extraction

The distillation process involves separating the organic compound of the plant using water through the condensation and vaporization method.

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The cold press method involves the mechanical method used in releasing the oils from the plant.

Why are they important?

  1. They are very useful for easing stress
  2. It helps boost your mood giving you a refreshed and satisfying feeling
  3. It is very good for easing pains from migraines and headaches
  4. They can be good insect repellents too
  5. It is a key ingredient in most beauty, skincare, and hair products.
Essential oils

Dangers of using essential oils

In as much as these oils are very useful for various uses, its excessive use or wrong use can lead to damages to the skin

  1. Some oils can cause burning and sometimes discolorations on the skin.
  2. It can result in itching and irritation to the skin also
  3. When you are allergic to the oils, consuming them either in their raw state or diluted can cause death.
  4. For asthmatic patients when inhaled can trigger attacks.

Most common types of essential oils

S/nEssiental oilUses
1Peppermint For digestion and to boost energy
2Tea treeFor antiseptic and to boost immunity
3LemonBoost digestion.
Improves skin
anti inflammatory properties
4Rosemary Reduce anxiety and improve mood.
Strengthen hair and prevents hair loss.
5Lavender For reducing stress.
antiseptic and inflammatory properties. Controls dandruff and hair loss.
Nourishes the skin
6JasmineTo boost libido.
Helps in reducing depression.
Types and uses of some essential oils

What to look out for when buying essential oils.

  • Purity of the oil, avoid buying oils that have been mixed with something else.
  • Always go for the best quality.
  • Always stick to the Brands you are used to. Do your research very well before purchasing one
  • Ensure you always check out for the Safety and side effects of the essential oil before purchasing it.
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