All you need to know about Hair Extensions and their types


Before making your choice on the type of hair extensions to buy or get, there should be a proper understanding of the types of hair extensions there are. Hair extensions can be grouped into two majorly which can be either human hair or synthetic hair based on their nature.

Human hair extensions

Just as the name implies they are made out of real human hair gotten from a human donor. This type of hair tangles less, they are silky and long-lasting. Human hair can be quite expensive too. Human hair is of different types and they include :

  • Brazilian Human Hair Weave
  • Peruvian Human Hair Weave
  • Malaysian Human Hair Weave
  • Indian Human Hair Weave
  • Kinki human hair

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair is made from artificial materials such as plastic fibers and other synthetic hair fibers. Types of synthetic hair include:

  • Polypropylene Fiber hair
  • Toyokalon hair
  • Kanekalon hair
  • Shapeshifter hair

Having known the different types of human hair based on their nature, hair extensions can also be grouped based on types too.

Types of hair extensions

Clip in extension

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if you are looking for an easy and faster way to. make your hair then this might just be the right choice for you. This type of extension comes in pieces, attached at the end with clips. The clips attached at the base make it very easy to use. All you have to do is just attach the clips into your natural in smaller bits. The major advantage of this type of extension is that they are very easy to install and also easy to remove. The disadvantage is that they do not last a long while.

Tape in extension

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When it comes to tape in’s, this extension is installed by gluing them unto your hair. This type of extension comes pre-tapped all you have to do is just glue them onto your hair. A major disadvantage to this type of extension is that continuous use can damage the roots of your hair.

Sew in extension

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This type of extension is mostly called weav-ons, it is mostly installed by weaving the hair into cornrows first before using a needle and thread to install the extension on the hair. This type of extension can last for a long while if installed properly. Fixing it into the hair might take a while too and it might be very uncomfortable.

Pre bonded hair extensions

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Installing this extension might take a while as it involves attaching the extension to the hair individually using hot glue. This type of hair extension can be very damaging to your hair as it weakens your hair from the roots. The advantage of this type of extension is that it last a very long while for up to 4 months.

Micro link extension

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This can also be called micro loop extensions they are applied by attaching the wefts of hair into the natural hair. A silicon bead is used to secure it tightly into the hair, this type of extension. The disadvantage of this type of extension is that if not done properly it can damage the hair.

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Wigs are made to fully cover the whole head. People wear this type of extension for different reasons such as hair loss, balding. Wearing wigs can change your look. It can be a very good option when you want to protect your natural hair.

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