Amazing beauty benefits of coconut oil you really should know

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Coconut oil is a popular oil used for a wide range of things such as food, cosmetic and medical purposes.

It is said to provide health benefits for the face, hair and skin. This is due to the presence of the saturated fatty acid.

The coconut oil is gotten from seeds of the coconut fruit plant. This plant is very common to the tropical areas of Africa and Asia.

What really is coconut oil

Fresh Coconut and it’s oil. Source : Gettyimages

Coconut oil is is an oil that is rich in high content of saturated fatty acid. It is wide used commodity used for various reasons.

The tree is being regarded as the most used tree in the world it is called the tree of life. Also, this plant is also used for various spiritual and cultural practices in many cultures too.

Benefits of coconut oil


Beauty benefits of coconut oil.
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  1. Body moisturizer – due to the high content of fatty acids and rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used as a body moisturizer to prevent the body against dryness.
  2. Eczema relief – the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of them makes it suitable for treating Eczema.
  3. Makeup remover – the oil cn be used as a makeup remover. For oily and sensitive skin type this can be used in place of the other makeup removers.
  4. Hydration – this oil has the ability to draw in moisture into your skin. Thereby making it feel really hydrated.
  5. Cosmetic – it is one of the major ingredients used in a lot of cosmetic products.
  6. Strech mark – it is very good in treating strech mark away from the body. It does this by fading away the mark from the body after a while.
  7. Beauty spa treatments – it is one of the mostly used oil in most body massage. It can be mixed with other body exfoliating products.
  8. Smooth and soft skin – it has the ability to make your sl3feel very soft and smooth. It does this by providing your skin with extra moisture.
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Benefits of coconut oil.
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  1. Dandruff – coconut oil can help soften the flakes of the dandruff on your hair. This will help in reducing the rate of dandruff in your hair.
  2. Deep conditioner – the oil is very good in preventing excess hair breakage and fall out. It conditions the hair by sealing and locking in moisture into the hair.
  3. Hair moisturizer – it helps in locking In the hair moisture and prevents the hair from excessive drying.
  4. Shinning hair – It helps protect the hair and also adds shine to it too


Source : Gettyimages
  1. For controlling blood sugar level in the body
  2. Reducing stress in the body
  3. Preventing liver disease
  4. It helps with weight loss and burning of excessive fat from the body
  5. For oral care
  6. Boost your heart health
  7. Increase the good cholesterol content in your body

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