Amazing Things To Do With Your Husband: The Perfect Couple’s Bucket List


It is very common for weddings to fall back into routine over time: getting up, taking the dog out, going to work, coming back in the evening. What happened to the fun? For couples who are starting married life now, we suggest 15 things to do together to entertain you all year round.

It is very common for weddings to fall into routine over time : getting up, taking the dog out, going to work, coming back in the evening…. All normal things, but where is the spontaneity? What happened to the fun? For couples who are starting married life now, we suggest 15 things to do together to entertain you all year round .

1. Take out

 On a sunny day, nothing beats a picnic in the park! Prepare some snacks and you don’t even need cutlery and plates. Also bring some fresh fruit and a sweet, to finish with a flourish.

 2. ​​Holidays

 The first year of marriage is very important, celebrate it in an original way with a trip, no matter where. What matters is to spend a special anniversary together.

3. Something new

Copy the “ anything can happen thursday ” idea from the TV series ‘The Big Bang Theory’. On the third Thursday of the month, choose a different activity than usual to try together for the first time, such as a wine tasting, a cooking class, bowling .

4. Get muddy

 As children we liked the rain, while now that we are adults it just seems an inconvenience. Forget your age, go out into the garden and get wet from head to toe!

5. A coat of color

 If your home is new or if the walls are in need of a refresh, arm yourself with the necessary brushes, roller and paint, and take before and after photos.

 6.Fit & Fun

 Playing sports doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. Go for a run together on a Saturday morning or go for a bike ride. If you have a dog, take long walks with him.

7. Photo shooting

 Contact a professional photographer and cutlery for a casual photo session . If you haven’t done a  trash the dress this is the right time!


8. Game night

 If you’re not crazy about video games, but your husband is, ask him to teach you how to play. He will appreciate your effort and you will have a fun evening.

9. Like teenagers

 How many times have you stayed awake to watch the sunrise with friends? Throw a party if you can on a nice beach: laugh, dance and wait for the sun to rise.

10. My Valentine

 February 14th is a very romantic day, but it’s not the only one to throw a surprise for your partner. Surprise him in any of the other 364 days!

11. No work

 Pick up your husband from the office and go out for lunch together to a nice place you’ve never been. Break the routine and the day will go by faster.

12. Cultural walk

 Sunday is the perfect day to visit a museum; the city offers many possibilities: art, science.

13.  Drive in

 If you like cinema, look for one ‘on 4 wheels’, one where you can get into cars and order popcorn from the comfort of your seat. 


14. Rise and shine

 Breakfast in bed is everyone’s dream; find out what his favorite dish was as a child and prepare it for him.

15. Without a goal

 Sometimes you don’t need to plan a trip down to the smallest detail, take advantage of a couple of days off and leave by car, without deciding the destination. First visit some towns near you and then let yourself be carried away.

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