Ancient beauty secrets hidden in the Bamboo plant

Balanced Stones and Bamboo Leaves on White.

The bamboo plant which I call the miracle plant. Bamboo plant is used I’m many things ranging from the following : as a source of food for pandas, to the construction field, to its health benefits and also it’s new emerging application in the cosmetic industry.

I am sure many of us don’t know the beautiful and health benefits of this plant. Well if you wish to know more keep reading to find out more.

The Bamboo plant

Bamboo leaves
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Bamboos comes from the Poaceae family which is the grass family. They are known to grow very tall and fast within a very short range of time.

The bamboo plant mostly found in areas close to a water source. They are also known for their role which they play to the environment.

Bamboos have been found to be very useful as wood, source of food, health benefits and their by products.

Importance of the bamboo plant

Balanced Stones and Bamboo Leaves on White.
Source : Getty images

For ages the bamboo tree has been used for a lot of purposes mostly among the Indians and Asian people. Some of the uses of bamboo includes :

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  • As a source of food for Animals such as pandas
  • Source of fuel used in cooking
  • Environmental roles. They help in reducing environmental pollution
  • Source of food for man. Countries like Nepal and Indonesia bamboo shoots is a delicacy enjoyed by them.
  • Fermented bamboos stalk is used In making wines.
  • It is used In construction purposes
  • It is used as a major ingredient in beauty products today. From face masks to other skincare products.
  • Bamboo stem is used in making kitchen wares
  • Also it is a major ingredient used in making slimming tea
  • Used in making writing inks for pens
  • Also used in the textile industry in making clothes.

Nutritional benefits of the bamboo plant

Bamboo tea.
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Bamboo for weight loss

The extracts gotten from the bamboo plant is a very effective remedy for loosing weight and burning stomach fat. Bamboo is very low in calories which helps in burning excess stomach fats away.

Easy digestion

Due to the high dietary fiber content contained in the bamboo leaves. It is very effective in treating problems and issues related with digestion.

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Prevents heart disease

The high phenolic content of the bamboo leaves makes it very good in treating heart related issues. The leaves are very rich in anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Boost immune system

It’s extracts are very rich in vitamins and minerals. Also the high content of antioxidants makes it very useful in fighting against infections. A daily consumption of bamboo tea helps in increasing your body immunity.

Helps with ulcer

The consumption of bamboo tea by Ulcer patients helps in providing a relief from pains.

Effective in treating cancer

Reports have showed that bamboo leaves is very effective in reducing the occurrence of cancerous cells in the body. This is due to the high content of an enzyme known as amylase.

Ancient beauty secrets hidden in the Bamboo plant

  1. It is a very good antibiotics. It fights off bacterial and fungal infection on the skin.
  2. A very good remedy for treating acne prone skin.
  3. Its high antioxidants properties makes it very useful in treating your skin from damaging radicals
  4. Bamboo is very useful in removing impurities from the skin
  5. Effective in clearing away dark spots and skin blemishes from the skin
  6. It is good in clearing off wrinkles and fine lines away from the skin.
  7. Effective in clearing away sun burn away from the skin.
  8. It is good for preventing hair loss and removing excess product buildups.

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