As much as some Nigerian guest can be very annoying, taking pictures of bride in wierd poses and uploading on the internet or criticizing the whole wedding setting.
But what is a Nigerian party without the are the top 5 annoying thing people do at parties.

5 guest list addition or plus one

Someone’s bound to bring along an unauthorised plus one. the reason for RSVP is to tell the couple you are coming and you are tagging someone along.

That way, the couple can plan for the extra guest, but here in Nigeria ,

the whole community follows one invited person and the others just do the “mogbó no branch” style.
is one of the reasons we have food shortage at parties.

just plan for miscellaneous because of the party poopers.

4 souvenir palava and drama

the kind of showdown that happens when souvenirs are been shared during parties in Nigeria is top notch, some people will just decide to cause a scene because they haven’t been given what was given to their other counterpart.
you look closely at these things called souvenirs they are just things like plastic cups ,bucket or keyholder. ejoor just leave the Osho free mentality, fighting bcus of plastic cup is irritating please.

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3 The set of we must chop and die here

some people actually go to party with a Ghana must go bag and the mindset of feeding for days on food gotten from party after the party has finished.

when you see them transferring drinks into empty bottle water container , you see then wrapping meat into a tissue paper or you see them asking for food several times pretending not to have eaten , ‘you go know say na them be that’

2 caterer and the guest showdown

just look around you will find people arguing with the caterer, ‘Do you know who I am’. please be calming down ,oga who you be.
They struggle for food and drinks with their expensive lace and handbags.

We acknowledge that Nigerian party rice is like gold but then again, it’s not worth tainting your image. just follow the laid down rules ,follow the queue if it’s a buffet and wait for your turn.

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1 The critics

while some people have nothing to contribute to the wedding ,you hear them saying ” the caterer that cook the food is not well paid ” , “the wedding cake is small”, the groom is too short (is it your wedding, are you the bride). people say a lot of things just to criticize ,

if you are not happy with the wedding arrangements , please keep ur thought to yourself.

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