Beauty regimen to try out from this festive period.


A beauty regimen can be said to be a more orderly and prearranged way to follow up with the usage of your beauty products. It is also very similar to a beauty routine.

When starting a good skincare routine you should bear some things in mind such as what products are best for your skin, the right way to use these products for a more effective result, how these products work, the right way to apply these products and so many more.

Having a good skin care routine depends on the right products used and correct usage too. Using the right skincare products combined with the proper regime will result in your skin looking much better and more vibrant also. Having a good product and not knowing the right way to use them will only make them ineffective to your skin. Having healthy and beautiful skin will boost your confidence more.

There is a need to knowing how to take care of your skin by using the right products and knowing how to use right. Having a good skincare regime and routine can help you in the following ways :

  1. Having a good skincare routine and regime will help your skin stay in a good condition and look vibrant.
  2. As each day passes by new cells are born while some old cells die too, good skincare will help you with the shedding of these dead skin cells, leaving your skin to look more healthy and in a good condition.
  3. Good skincare helps in getting rid of most breakouts on the skin, reduces wrinkles, and making you look younger.
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Are looking for new ways to spice and add to your beauty regime? well, I have compiled some tips that might be useful for you.

Rest and a good sleep

People often overwork themself round the clock without getting enough rest and sleep, not only does this affect their overall health but also affects the appearance of the skin too. With the Easter holidays coming up now is a great time to rest well and pamper your skin as it should.

Having a goodnight’s rest and sleeping for 7-9 hours is needed for healthy and glowing skin, and also it leaves you feeling very refreshed too. Having enough rest decreases the levels of stress hormones released by your body which reduces the number of breakouts and inflammations of your skin too.

When you give your body the beauty sleep it deserves excess fluids and toxins are removed from the bloodstreams, your skin temperature changes, old cells are replaced by new ones ‘breakouts on the skin is reduced, products mo absorbed into the skin making them more effective, etc.

Products usage

According to beauty expert Dr. Ashley Magovern who is a certified dermatologist and owner of Manhattan Dermatology, he says ” in other to have a good and healthy skin you are to follow three important steps which are cleansing, treat, and moisturize”. When going for beautiful skin you are to follow these steps correctly.

What does it mean to clean your face? This should be the first thing to consider in your beauty routine, cleaning your skin the right way removes buildups, bacteria, and which have been clogged up in your skin. Using the right product for cleaning your face matters a lot so always go for products that are not too harsh for your skin. It is advisable not to over-clean your skin too much as it can also result in breakouts of the skin.


How to treat your face the right way – After cleaning your face using the right treatments is also necessary. Treatments such as Face Toners, Sunscreens, Face serums, Acne spot creams and Under Eye, the cream should also be used. Face toners is a great way to balance up the ph levels of your skin which in turn reduces breakouts from the skin. Face serums containing vitamin C helps in correcting a lot of the damage that we get from the sun and pollution.

Moisturizing your skin keeps your skin more hydrated. It also helps with improving the look and glow of your skin too.


There is this popular saying that beauty starts from within. Eating the right food and fruits and keeping very good healthy eating habits can have you looking very radiant.

A diet rich in vitamins and low in fats and sugar promotes radiant and healthy-looking skin. Eating fruits like Avocados, Tomatoes, Tamarinds, pineapples, Lemon juice, Garlic, Irish potatoes, Vegetables, Bananas.

Fruits with help improve your skin’s glow, they are highly rich in vitamins and minerals, they have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties too.


Regular exercise will give your body the necessary blood circulation, flush out toxins, boost body metabolism, boost immune system. It is advisable to work out every day if you want your skin to glow more.

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Exercise such as yoga, jogging, running, and visiting the gym regularly will help a lot too.

Spa visit

You can decide to give yourself a treat by going to the spa to get your skin pampered more. There is this soothing feeling that you get after you are just leaving the spa, your skin feels more alive.

A visit to the spa will help in reducing your stress levels, help with anti-aging, stimulating your skin, relieves stress, improve blood flow. So remember to check out spa places around you.

Drink lots of water

Like people say water is life, you can go for weeks without food but not without water. The most important beauty secret is to drink lots of water.

Drinking water helps with a flushing out toxins from your kidney, reducing weight loss,cleaning your bowels, maintain the moisture in your skin.

You should drink at least 10 glasses of water a day if you want better and beautiful-looking skin.


Exfoliation is very important for your skin. It involves the removal of the dead and unwanted layer of your skin. Old skin cells your skin look dull so there is a need for proper exfoliation of the skin.

Granulated sugar, honey, eggs, coffee, Tumeric ect can be used for exfoliation. You can check up some recipes that can be used for exfoliation also.

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