When it comes to having a flawless face people go through bizarre and very painful procedures just to have a smooth face. Some of this treatments can be very bizarre and weird at the same time.

Below is some bizarre facial treatments people go through to look young and flawless.

Vampire facials


This type of weird beauty treatment involves injecting out a patient’s blood using a syringe. The blood injected out is spun in a centrifuge spinning machine which separates the blood plasma from the blood. It is then reinjected into the skin. The blood plasma when injected back into the skin helps in replacing worn-out skin cells, making it smooth and vibrant.

Penis facial


The word penis facial sounds funny right? Well, I also thought the same too. This type of insane beauty treatment involves the use of the foreskin gotten from Korean baby boys. The foreskin helps in increasing the production of collagen and elastin needed for the rejuvenation of new cells. The penis facial treatment is said to make your face a lot more younger and reduces wrinkles on your face. The iconic name is derived from the fact that the foreskin is derived from the circumcision of male babies. After which the stem cells are collected by spinning the foreskin in a centrifuge machine.

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Placenta facial


Like its name, it involves getting the placenta for newborns babies or sometimes from sheep too. The placenta is said to be very rich in anti-aging properties. It helps in replacing cells from scars, improving skin elasticity, and replacing worn-out cells.

Leech therapy


This has been trending for some while, it is known as hirudotherapy. It involves placing live leeches to draw out blood from the skin. It inturns releases a substance found in their saliva that helps in preventing blood clotting. Leech therapy helps in increasing the flow of blood circulation.

Fire Facials


This is an ancient Chinese practice where a person’s face is set on fire. A towel is soaked in herbal oils, after which it is then placed on the skin before being lit on fire. This treatment helps in reducing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation on the skin, and boosts cell renewal.

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