The igbo traditional bride price list has been generally know to be exotic, even though the list varies from town to town.There’s no general price for bride price in Igbo land.Each family is guided by their village beliefs and culture. There are villages where you are taxed enormously before you take your bride home and there are ones you pay as much as nothing, to take your bride.

Items on the bride price list

The bride price practice of giving out a ‘long and rich’ list, has been in existence for a very long time. This practice is perhaps a direct message to a potential suitor, about the importance attached to a female child in Igbo land.
The igbo custom requires the man to request for the list officially by himself. When the list is made available to the guy’s people. They could bargain about somethings on the list of they can’t provide everything on the list.

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Bride price list
Bride price list

Nowadays, the things on the list can be payed with money instead of buying those items. So one could probably choose which one they want,the common thing on every list is that,

  1. some things you will buy for your “umunna” that is your kinsmen,
  2. their are things on the list for the youths in your kindred
  3. You also have things on the list for the women in your kindred too
  4. Also their are things to be given to the girl’s parents some might also include the girl’s siblings(umu Ada)
  5. then the money paid for the girl’s head.
    These five things are compulsory things you will see on the list. The items inside them might vary from one place to another.

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