Can Music Decreases Anxiety and Pains during Surgery?

Patient listening to music after surgery

Listening to music before, during, or after surgery has a beneficial effect on patients. It reduces their anxiety, pain, and facilitates their recovery, according to a study published in the British medical journal The Lancet.

Looking at 72 studies involving 7,000 people in total. A team of British researchers found that patients who operated on to music were less anxious, had less post-operative pain, and took less pain-relieving medication than those who had not. They were also more satisfied.

The effect on anxiety and pain was noticeable. Whether the music heard before, during, or after the surgery. But, with an advantage for the music heard before the procedure. All the music tested (more than 4,000 titles in total) proved to be effective.

The effect was also seen under general anesthesia but was somewhat greater when patients were conscious during the procedure. Music has also helped reduce the need for pain medication. But, it does not reduce the length of patient hospitalization, according to the researchers.

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Dr. Catherine Meads of Brunel University (UK), who led the study explained that the reduction in pain was about a fifth on the pain scale of 0 to 10. She referred to it as a “clinically significant” reduction.

According to her, “music is a non-invasive, safe and inexpensive medium that should be accessible to anyone undergoing surgery.” She adds that patients should in the future allowed to choose the type of music they want to hear. However, to prevent obstruction in communication between members of the medical team arrangement should be made.

The study’s findings are in line with trials already carried out on ventilated or hypertensive patients whose symptoms decreased in intensity under the effect of music. According to a commentary attached to the study by Dr. Paul Glasziou of Bond University in Australia.

But, he notes that it’s difficult at this point to say whether the effect is due to relaxation, cognitive distraction, or some other mechanism. And given the wide variety of benefits listed in the study. He suggests looking at how one might “get the most from them” in the future.

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Music has a valuable effect on patients in reducing the level of anxiety and pain during surgery. The effect is greater if heard before the surgery.

Patient listening to music during surgery

Source: The Lancet Journal

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