Classy yet inexpensive ways to plan your birthday celebration


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Birthdays are very special and important moments in a person’s life because it is the day that a person comes into the world. The special thing about a birthday is that it comes once a year and therefore it is a moment that would want to be celebrated with loved ones around. If you are celebrating an important milestone such as turning 20, 30, 40, 60 then it should be well celebrated with style.

To ensure that you have a somewhat hassle free birthday party, I would suggest preparing for the party with extra time .To plan a classy party, the host or celebrant should have a to do list (pre-planning like a month before the party).

OK! With barely few weeks to the party, it is time to decide on the menu, decoration, games or entertainment. Let’s get to it.

CHOOSE THE DATE FOR THE PARTY. It is true that the perfect day for a party is over the weekend. If your birthday does not fall on a weekend, you could also make celebrating the birthday on a weekday interesting. You can just mark the day before or after your birthday.

PICK A VENUE. If you want a cozy yet classy party with just your close relatives like parents and friends and friend of friends, then a home setting is suggested i.e. celebrating the party at home. But if you want something a little extravagant, I would suggest an outdoor party.

MAKE A GUEST LIST. To make a guest list shouldn’t be that difficult all you have to do is know the number of people you want present for your party and then carefully make the list. Make sure to go over the list to prevent anyone being left out. According to guest list made, send out your birthday invitation cards.

MAKE A BUDGET. To avoid spending too much without covering the major expenses of the party, make sure to make a budget list which will serve as a guide before planning for your birthday party in full.

 EDIBLES. On this special day, you may decide to serve snacks like small chops and fruit juice to your guest to nibble on before the main menu is served.

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THEME. Having a theme for the party is the first step to planning your decoration. For females, you may try a black and gold birthday theme; I mean wouldn’t you just love the blend; a soft pastel birthday theme is also nice, you may also try out the dainty floral birthday theme or a rosy gold theme; and trust me, it can never go wrong.

Rosey Gold Theme
Black and Gold Theme

For male, if you are you a football enthusiastic, try out a football birthday theme with your favorite club. You may also try out a classy car birthday party, Jazz inspired party or a broadways musical theme party. Whatever your choice may be, choosing from fun themes will give you a clearer view of how you want to decorate, it can give you an idea on the type of food, snacks or drink to be served to the guest, it can also give you an inspired idea on how to entertain the guest and the types of game to engage with.

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A Football Themed Birthday Party
Classy Car Themed Party

Have a splendid party.

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