Colours and The Emotions They Portray On People

All colours are unique and have different feelings and emotions they evoke.

They all have psychological effects/ implications on us as some can make us happy while some creates sadness.

Some can make one feel hungry while others make one relaxed.

Some colours could make you feel inferior while some could make you feel like royalty.

There are warm and cool colours and they all evoke and potray different feelings and emotions.
Warm colours can evoke different emotions than cool colours and bright colours can create different feelings than muted colours.

This article explains how colours make one feel and the impact they have on our emotions.

1 Purple

 Purple is a very unique and cool colour having all of its shades unique as well.

Purple denotes royalty, sophistication, wealth, and luxury.

It takes a well sophisticated and confident person to pull off this shade.

Purple is used as a colour to help spark creativity. For companies that wants to display health, beauty or security this Is a colour to chose.

2 Red

Red is the most powerful, the warmest and the most dynamic of all colours. It is associated with passion, youthfulness, love and can signify danger as well.

Wearing any red outfit puts attention on you and gives you the spotlight. It also indicates that you are someone who is energetic, strong-willed, passionate and outspoken.

If you want to draw attention to a design element, red should be your choice colour. However, use it in moderation as it can be overwhelming.

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3 Blue

This is a colour that gives feeling of calmness, security, success as well as confidence.

It is also a soothing colour that will make people around you calm and feel comfortable.

This colour has it’s dark and light shades. The lighter shade is more friendly and welcoming while the darker shade portrays a professional feel.
The more reason while dark blue like navy is good for interviews and corporate training.

Also, blue has a character which makes it suitable for technology and health-related brands. This is seen as a colour in most of the tech and health logos.

4 Yellow

The colour yellow is a warm and energetic colour which naturally brightens up your mood.

A room painted in this sunshine colour lightens up the entire space and creates a positive mood.

Furthermore, when you wear a yellow dress, a shoe or you carry a bag in this colour you make a statement anywhere you enter. This is because it makes you stand out and attention will be on you.

For the food lovers, yellow is well known to stimulate hunger. This is the reason why you see many fast foods popular global food restaurants use yellow in their theme.

Just as too much of everything is bad, ensure you combine the yellow colour proportionately. This is due to the fact that yellow reflects more light it can irritate the eyes of some people.

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5 Pink

This is a very bright and feminine colour which makes you feel playful and romantic.

Also, it is sweet, cute and very charming.

6 Brown

This is a colour that portrays humility and makes you feel down to earth.

It is a warm colour and very friendly. Likewise it creates a sense of stability and support.

7 White

This is the most neutral colour and it shows minimalism and simplicity.

In many cultures, white is used as a sacred colour so also in most religions.

This colour also portrays innocence, virginity and purity.

It is also a colour of choice for bridal dress and for baby clothes.

8 Grey

This is a mature, serious, responsible and professional colour.

It is formal and well reserved

Professional grey look

9 Black

This is a colour that has found its way into the heart of everyone globally with several emotions. Hardly will you find a person that does not own an item in black colour.

Its versatility is worthy of note and black symbolizes a lot of things;

1 black means professionalism; when worn at work, black exudes leadership.

2 it gives you a sophisticated feeling

3 it is classy and brings about elegance

4 it is neutral and can be combined to show simplicity.

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5 it is bold and powerful

6 culturally in some areas, it could denote sadness as well as mourning.

7 it signifies power and luxury.

8 when worn as an outfit colour, it makes you look slimmer.

So, you might want to have a black combination for your next outing to portray some of the unique properties it possesses.

You can add colourful accessories to your black outfits to pop it up.

Classy black

10 Orange

This colour makes you appear happy and energetic and will make you feel young.

It also creates a feeling of vitality and gives attention too but not up to that of red.

11 Green

This is a colour which symbolizes health, new beginnings as well as wealth and prosperity. It is a cool colour and pleasant to the eyes.

It also depicts peace, serenity as well as nature. Hence, it can be used as a brand colour for companies to depict growth or show possibilities.

It also stands you out and gives you to appearance of a rich person.

Green in its coolness

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