Criteria for ranking hotels and it’s service management


It’s is well known that hotels or companies that continue to ignore the core principles of strategic service management willing the next 5-7 years not only forfeit significant growth opportunities, but may increasingly become irrelevant in the marketplace.Patterns of planned service orders serve as critical input to calculating the optimal resources needed to address the future service demand, which leads us to service management , accommodation and hotel ratings.

An hotel is an establishment providing paid accommodation, The quality of the hotel and it’s service is usually marked by stars according to the five stars classification.Star rating is recognized as symbol of quality and a necessary requirement to provide precise assessment of accommodation status of upmarket hotels. In star rating, certain attributes are used as benchmark for accommodation standards of upmarket hotels. There have been attempt at unifying the classification system to become a reliable standard, but still large differences exist in the quality of accomodation, foods and services. Most countries have an official body set criteria for classifying hotels; unfortunately, to some degree, the criteria differs from one country to another.

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The United States and Canada have used the Forbes Travel Guide (formerly Mobil) star ratings and the American Automobile Association (AAA) and the Canada¬†Automobile Association (CAA) diamond ratings to indicate hotel class and quality. The reputable organizations base their ratings upon actual visits by paid inspectors who assess the hotel’s compliance with a long list of criteria.
Now, an online “5-star” hotel rating most likely refers to a customer’s opinion, rather than a grade issued to them by a reputable organization. The general five star rating follows objective criteria, satisfactory cleaning and maintenance being a basic requirement for all five categories.
One star hotel(tourist hotels low budget hotels)
Hotels are small and privately owned, meals are simple , services may be provided by the owner and family.
All rooms have showers and a toilet in the room, some rooms may not have en suite bathrooms
Telephone is available, breakfast is available, drinks are offered.
Guest can leave or enter at any time of the day or night.

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Two star hotels (standard hotels budget hotels)
Hotels are small to medium sized (single rooms 12 m 2, double 16 m 2). They are well equipped, offering comfortable accomodation with en suite bath/ shower rooms
Reception staff is professional, foods and drinks are offered.( German standards require buffet breakfast). Cashless payment is available.

Three star hotels (middle class hotels comfort hotels)
Single room 14m 2 and double 18 m 2), They have spacious reception with seats and other public rooms
Their employees speak at least one foreign language, their restaurant normally also cater for non residents.
All room have en suite bath and shower rooms with toiletries equipment such as TV set, a hair dryer , direct dial telephone is present They offers room service .
Access to net is available credit cards are accepted.

Four star hotels ( first class hotels)
High quality furnishings, equipment and decorations. Bedrooms are spacious (single 16 m 2, double 22 m 2) and we’ll designed, with en suite bathrooms with a bath and shower.
There is a 24hours room service, laundry and dry cleaning ,a lobby, an la carte restaurant and a bar.
All rooms are equipped with mini bars and access to Internet.
There are armchairs or couches in the room, shoe polish implements can be expected in the rooms.

Five star hotels (luxury hotels)
Accommodation is spacious (single 18 m 2, double 26 m 2) and luxurious, matching the best international standards.
There are electric safe , access to Internet, flat screen TV air conditioning in every room, the hotels have special interior design and elegant furnishings.
Service is flawless, round the clock rooms service is available. The hotel have lift if there is more than one floor.Personalized guest welcome with sweets and flowers can be expected.
The restaurant offers high cuisine, the staff is very efficient courteous and helpful.
An indoor swimming pool is available.

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