Dental Braces : what they are used for and their importance

Dental braces is a means of correcting the placement of your teeth.

It works by moving your teeth in the right direction and improves the way they look.

If being worn for a while they can help correct issues of your teeth making eating much more comfortable.

They help correct teeth that is not aligned and not well shaped also.

It is usually done by a professional dentist. He does an xray scan of your teeth and gum to get the right arrangement of your teeth.

How long you get to wear your braces depends on your body. Your body determines how long you get to wear them for.

Types of braces commonly used

Classic braces

Lingual braces

Ceramic braces

Invisible braces

The type of braces you wear depends highly on your dentist. He gets to decide on the exact and right one for you to wear.

When do you know when to use dental braces

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It is mostly used when you have an overcrowded teeth not placed or aligned properly.

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It is used when one teeth is sticking out of alignment.

Also it can be applied when one teeth is sticking at the back of your teeth too.

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