When it comes to hair types it is very important to know what class you belong to. A proper knowledge on the nature of your hair tells you what texture of hair you have, best products to use, the right hair regime that is good for your hair.

A better understanding of your hair curl pattern will become very useful to you when shopping for the right hair care products.

There are four classes of hair types

  • Straight ( Type 1 hair)
  • Wavy (Type 2 hair)
  • Curly (Type 3 hair)
  • Coily(Type 4 hair)
Image showing the different hair curl patterns. Source : Pinterest

Straight hair type

Straight Hair type. Source : Google

The type 1 hair is majorly straight. The nature of the hair It does not hold curl down. It does not need any type of heavy product for its maintenance as it will weigh it down.

Wavey hair type

Wavy Hair type. Source Google

The type 2 hair is more of loose and wavey curls. The Curls stays longer. It requires less products for maintenance. The type two hair can be 2A,2B,2C

2A hair – Tends to be fine, thin and very easy to handle. It is easy to straighten or curl. Type 2A hair tends to have a quite sheen

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2B hair – It has a nice sheen and is more wavey. The hair type is resistant to styling and has a tendency to frizz.

2C hair – Tends to be more resistant to styling and will frizz easily. Some 2C hair has an under layer of straight hair.

Curly hair type

Curly Hair type. Source : Google

This type of hair has a very curly S-shape nature. This hair type ranges from Loose curls to cock screw curls. The type 3 hair can be 3A, 3B,3C .

3A hair – It has an S-shaped curl pattern and it forms loose loop. This hair type appears to be very voluminous.

3B hair – The curls are tight and bouncy. It is puffy and coarse.

3C hair – The curls are tightly and are springy. The hair strand grows in a rounded shape.

Coily hair type

Coily Hair type. Source : Google

This is the kinky hair type. Hair strands are densely packed together. It is dry and requires a lot of moisture to avoid hair breakage. The type 4 hair can either be 4A, 4B,4C Type


4A hair – It has distinct coils. They are fine or wiry with a notable S- shape pattern.

4B hair – The curl is tighter and a little bit definedThe strands range from wiry and coarse to fine and thin type.

4C hair – The strands are tightly coiled. The curls ranges from super fine and soft to coarse and wiry.

Healthy hair tips for maintaining your different natural hair types

  1. Always ensure that you wash your hair regularly to remove the excessive buildups from hair products. It is advisable to always go for sulfate-free shampoos, it helps reduces the rate of dryness of the hair.
  2. Reduce the use of heat as it damages the natural curl pattern of the hair. The frequent use of hair straighteners destroys the hair.
  3. Deep condition your hair often. When you deep condition your hair it helps restores your hair’s moisture, strengthens it, and reduces the damage caused to it by styling products. Things like honey and coconut oil, avocado hair mask, banana hair mask, olive oil, and egg can be used.
  4. Always put on a leave-in conditioner. It helps in improving the texture and strength of your hair, it maintains moisture also too.
  5. Always moisturize your hair before styling. Moisturizing helps in preventing the excess breakouts and fallouts from your hair.
  6. Always protect your hair at night. It is advisable to use a satin bonnet cap as it reduces the amount of dryness and loss of moisture to your hair.
  7. Protective styles like braids, flat twists, finger curls, hair extensions can be worn. This will help reduce the stress and damage done to your hair.
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