Different types of guitars: The most used models


Anyone who thinks that guitars are all the same is wrong: in fact, there are several differences between the most used models in the market. Each type of guitar has its characteristics of aesthetics and adaptability, being more suitable for one or another musical style.

That is why when buying a new guitar, it is so important to know everything about them. Want to know more? Then check out the main types of guitar!

1. Classical guitar

As the name says, the classical guitar is the best known, used, and sold to musicians. It is an acoustic model and works with six strings, which in most cases are nylon.

In addition to being easily found, it has a lower cost compared to other types and is suitable for beginners due to the lightness and softness of the instrument.

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar | MUSIC STORE professional | en-HU
Yamaha C4 Classical Guitar

2. Folk guitar

Having as main characteristic the larger and more “sharp” body, folk guitars are also very popular. Most models work with steel strings and can be electric or electroacoustic.

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It is the most suitable for genres such as pop and rock, precisely because it generates a fuller sound, with a different timbre.

Amazon.com: Yamaha FG830 Solid Top Folk Guitar, Natural: Musical Instruments
Yamaha FG830 Solid Top Folk Guitar

3. Flat guitar

The word flat, from English, can be translated as “flat” or “flat”. And that is precisely the main characteristic of the flat guitar since its acoustic box is quite thin. 

It is widely used by professional musicians and in most cases, it is played with nylon strings. The generated tone is smoother and, since it is almost always found in electric models, needs amplification.

Flat guitars. Rock music instrument. Acoustic and electric guitar musical  instruments for entertainment. Musician equipment in cartoon style. Vector  isolated electrical design guitar 2119822 Vector Art at Vecteezy
Flat Guitar

4. Jumbo guitar

The jumbo guitar became known when Elvis Presley started using it. Despite being very similar to the classic type, the big difference is in the wider body and the more rounded base. It is easier to find electroacoustic models with steel strings and the sound generated is more serious and full-bodied.

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Epiphone J-200 Jumbo Acoustic-Electric Guitar | zZounds
Epiphone J-200 Jumbo Guitar

5.  7- spring guitar

Known as the Brazilian guitar, for being indicated for genres such as choro and samba. The 7-string guitar has no differences in its structure when compared to the classical guitar. 

The only difference is the seventh string, which is usually tuned more severely than the other six, which requires a knowledge of the musician who will play it.

SubZero Generation 7 Electric Guitar, 7-String, Jet Black at Gear4music
Electric 7- Spring Guitar

6. 12-spring guitar

It also does not show differences in structure, but it has twice as many strings as the classic, which are grouped in pairs – half of them tuned to an octave above.

The 12-string guitar has full resonance and requires technique and practice to be able to press two strings at the same time.

Amazon.com: Blueridge Guitars 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Right, Natural  (BR-40-12): Musical Instruments
Image of 12- Spring Acoustic Guitar

7. Zero, double-zero, and triple-zero guitars

These guitars are categorized as Parlor, having smaller structures and being more suitable for casual and not so professional use. The zero guitars are the smallest of the three and have a comfortable structure to play for a long time.

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 The double zero is a little bigger, but it has a good sound and is suitable for finger style techniques. Triple zero, on the other hand, has an intermediate size and generates a more peculiar tone.

SS3428 Zero full solid wood 36" inch acoustic guitar, acoustic electric  guitar, Guitarra acustica|Guitar| - AliExpress
Zero Acoustic Guitar
Double-Zero Guitar
000-18 | Standard Series | Martin Guitar
Triple-Zero Guitar

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