Dimpleplasty is a hot trend now. What you need to know about it


What exactly is Dimpleplasty?

Just like having boobs or an ass job to make your body appear much perfect the same goes for dimpleplasty. It is known for sure that not everyone is born with dimples on their cheeks. This has created the need for this procedure.

Dimpleplasty can be said to be the artificial means of creating fake dimples on your cheeks.It is a cosmetic procedure that involves creating little indents on your cheeks.

This procedure is mostly done by highly trained personnel.Getting these artificial dimples done can come a bit very pricey and quite expensive too.

How worth it is this procedure?

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Based on my research, it shows that people who have had their cheeks done by highly trained professionals seem to be very satisfied with the results.

The process begins with the surgeon giving you an anesthetic. This makes the area around your cheeks feel numb before diving into the process of taking some part of the skin. It takes almost immediately for the result to be seen or noticed. The whole process can be done within an hour and healing time is within a week or two.

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Celebrities such as Black China, Mario Lopez, and others have been making people without it go get that done. I mean who does not like cute dimples on their cheeks.

Most ladies assume it looks way much cooler to have some cute dimples on your cheeks. In other not to bore you so much about the whole procedure I will just educate us more on the risk factors to be considered during dimpleplasty.

Risk factors associated with dimpleplasty

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Before putting your cheeks down for this procedure there are some things you should consider. Such as :

  • There could be a high risk of contracting a secondary infection if it is not treated well.
  • Other complications could arise such as increased inflammation of the areaThe injured site can keep bleeding for a while.
  • If not being done by a professional it could result in an unsatisfied job. You could leave with a horrible scare on your cheeks
  • Depending on your body type this procedure can damage some nerves on your cheeks. The outcome can be permanent.
  • Returning to normal might be very difficult

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