To Some ingredients we use daily in the kitchen still have a few tricks up their sleeves that will help your skin eliminate impurities and regain its shine. Let’s find out together 

Did you know that coffee has regenerating properties that give your skin softness and elasticity? And do you know all the benefits of lemon for facial skin? Find out how to prepare natural face packs in just five minutes with a few genuine ingredients that really work! 

Who said that to embellish you have to suffer? These organic remedies are absolutely pain-less and full of flavors: they offer 100% natural and home remedies that will lead you in a short time to achieve truly satisfying results for your beauty. No more chatter then: miraculous creams (perhaps) do not exist, but miraculous ingredients do. Here we offer you eight delicious masks ready in five minutes that will make you want to lick your fingers!

Mask 1: the combination of Honey and Coffee

Let’s start immediately with two very good basic ingredients thanks to their regenerating properties . The honey will leave your skin very soft and velvety while the coffee will act as a natural scrub, awakening all the pores of the face. We recommend mixing a teaspoon of honey (any) with two well-filled teaspoons of ground coffee , then let it rest for only five minutes … just the time to prepare a real coffee, which will make you face the day with the right sprint! We recommend this mask once a week, as soon as you wake up!

Mask 2: White as the milk , red as Tomato:

This treatment has purifying properties thanks to the acid action of the tomato and the basic pH of the milk. The advice is to take a small glass from chupito and fill it with a teaspoon of whole milk and half a teaspoon of tomato paste , mix everything well and then with a clean sponge (not the one you use for make-up) go and dab evenly on the facial skin. This mask is designed to cleanse the skin overnight, so we recommend applying and rinsing it once every five to six days before going to sleep.

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Mask 3:  Honey and Lemon for an explosion of spring!

The revenge of the yellow starts here! It seems incredible but some colors are able to convey different moods to us depending on the situations in which we find ourselves. Blue, for example, is known to convey calm and tranquility while yellow … is the color of combat! It is no coincidence that the destiny of honey and that of lemon juice crossed to help women in the most suffocating daily battle of all: that against blackheads!

Despite the delicious aroma of these two ingredients, don’t be fooled: they are deadly weapons against facial impurities and will make blackheads disappear in a few weeks. We recommend to mix a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice , a couple of times a week .

The rest time is just five minutes but be careful: it is important, after applying the mask, not to expose yourself to the sun until rinsing . The very acidic base of lemon leaves no way to imperfections but, if used incorrectly, it risks leaving annoying spots of color on the skin!

Mask 4: Aloe and Turmeric gel against oily skin

For this DIY facial you will need two teaspoons of Aloe Vera gel and one tablespoon of turmeric . This particular Asian spice with sweet and sour notes will prove to be an effective solution for oily skin, because the chemical reaction with the Aloe gel will help your face eliminate excess sebum . This mask can be applied once a week , preferably before going to bed or in the morning before breakfast.

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Mask 5: Free the pores with Egg and Lemon

We know that the idea of ​​having egg white on your face may not sound appealing … but wait, this treat will amaze you! In fact, the nourishing properties of the egg are well known , which leave the skin (but also the hair) very clean and smooth. This mixture is composed of an egg white and a teaspoon full of lemon juice : after a few treatments you will see the difference!

Your face will appear brighter and more compact , because the pores will be opened and it will be easier for your skin to eliminate impurities . After applying it, leave it on for up to five minutes and then rinse off with warm water, no more than twice a week .

Mask 6: healthy skin with Coconut Oil and Turmeric

Easily available in pharmacies, edible coconut oil is an excellent substitute for olive oil, but it can also be very useful against dry lips and sunburn. Here we offer it as a guarantee of authenticity: a teaspoon of coconut oil and half a teaspoon of turmeric are in fact companions in venture against chemical pollutants such as smog and fine dust. Protecting your skin has never been easier! Applying these products three times a week will give you splendid results after just fifteen days: your skin will appear visibly healthier and more hydrated … goodbye cracking!

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Mask 7: enhance your skin with Yogurt and Lemon juice

Lemon juice can be considered a miracle ingredient: the acidity of the substance makes it suitable for many purposes and from today it will also be your skin’s best friend. This treatment is aimed at enhancing the features of your face with revitalizing properties that will illuminate your skin with a new light. You can say goodbye to dark circles and the signs of winter, because with just a few applications of this pack you will feel a truly amazing result. You need plain yogurt (we give you permission to finish the jar while you let the mask sit) and two tablespoons of lemon juice. After rinsing with warm water you just need a look to notice how your skin has become radiant in a few moments!

Mask 8: for more beautiful skin, choose  Honey and Cinnamon !

Finally, our list of 100% organic and natural masks closes a treatment that really amazed us! These two ingredients not only taste delicious, they are also a godsend in the fight against acne . Of course it cannot be considered a substitute for medicines  designed specifically for the problem, but it is certainly a delicate alternative for the most sensitive skin. We recommend creating this natural cream with two teaspoons of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey , then apply on the face with circular movements of the fingers. Use it once a week it will be more than enough, but remember to always rinse well with lukewarm water!

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