DIY Hacks You should Apply to Save Yourself of Stress

DIY hacks are important and it is necessary we know what to do at a particular time we need them.

Our daily activities or encounters can cause certain things that will need urgent solutions.

So, this article focuses on life saving DIY hacks you can use when the need arises.

1 Apply the talcum to the area and leave it over night.
When you get an oil stain on your clothing, grab a bottle of talcum powder and pour it all over the stain. Talcum powder is very fine and it can fill in the gaps between the fibers of your cloth to absorb the grease.

 Leave the talcum powder on the cloth and put in a warm temperature area for more effectiveness and let it stay overnight and you will see the wonder it will perform.

After this, you can use a soft brush or wash normally to scrub away the powder and the oil stain will also go away with the powder.

2. Lemon Juice Will Remove Armpit stains and Odours.

Lemon is a natural bleach and you can use it to get rid of armpit stains by simply squeezing the lemon juice into a bottle and add a little water and then spray the mixture over the affected area.
Then just let it sit for around an hour and wash after that. The odour too will also evaporate.

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3. Use A Hairdryer To Make Shoes More Comfortable.

If you have a very cute shoe but it has become very tight to fit your legs into easily and probably you are not ready to give it out yet, this hack is for you!
Just wear a large or a thick socks and put on the shoes while blow drying the area that’s too tight.

This will ease you and allow free movement into the shoe.

4. Use Vaseline To Unstick A Zipper.

When your zip is stuck and seems not to move in a upward or downward direction, simply use a cotton bud to apply a little vaseline to the affected junction.
The vaseline serves as a grease and this will make the zip easier to undo

5. Moisturise your Leather shoe with your body lotion

In the absence of a shoe polish, you can make use of any type of body lotion instead. Simply apply a portion of lotion on a cotton wool as u would normally apply a methlated spirit on a cotton wool and then rub it on your shoes.

This particular DIY hacks strategy works greatly as your shoe would shine and no one will know you applied your body lotion instead.

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6. Apply clear Nail Varnish to stop your button from falling off.

The threads from your shirt could wear out or disengage at any time and also, you may not have access to needle and thread or even if you have access to it it might not be the preferred colour for it.

In case of an emergency or probably to save yourself of headaches, just use a coat of clear nail polish/vanish to seal the thread in place and halt the unraveling.

7 Shave your sweater to get rid of fuzz balls.

To make your old sweater look brand new, you can use a shaving stick to glide over the affected area as you will normally do when shaving hair off your jaws.
This action is not only for sweaters, some of your cloth fabrics can get affected too and the same thing applies.

Be careful when doing this to ensure you do not damage your cloth.

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Sweater with fuzz balls

8 Put baking soda in your sneakers to avoid unpleasant odours.

Are you constantly faced with shoe odors most especially with your sneakers? this trick will help you to deal with this problem. Take baking soda, wrap it in a small piece of cloth, and put it in your shoes overnight.

You can also decide to sprinkle a small amount of baking soda inside your shoes, but it is important that you know that you putting baking soda straight into leather or suede shoes will make them brittle.

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