DIY Life saving Bra Hacks for different types of dresses

Bra Hacks for different types of dresses

Nothing can be more embarrassing that your bra showing off in your dress and at intervals you keep going to the bathroom to fix it.

In situations where you want to wear a low back dress for example. and you don’t have the right type of bra you should be able to improvise with what is available.

Here we have some amazing but yet helpful bra hacks that will be a life saver for you. Keep on reading if you wish to find more information about it.

Bra Hacks for different types of dresses

Medium Low back dresess

This type of dresses tends to reveal more of the back area more and wearing a normal back bra might not be appropriate.

For this hack all you will be needing is and Elastic band, bra hooks and your sewing supplies.

Sew in your Elastic band to the extra bra hooks, attach it to your bra like you will normally wear your bra. There you have the perfect bra for your low back dresses

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Medium Low back dress
Source Pintrest

Strapless dresses

This type of dresses tend to open more of the cleavage area and chest region more. Wearing the conventional type of bra might be a wrong choice due to their visible straps.

For strapless bra, remove the straps from the normal bra and put them the opposite side underneath the bust area. With this trick it will prevent your bra from being visible.

Strapless bra
Source : Pintrest

Floral Lace bra

When going for a more sexy yet classy look you might just want to turn that old bra onto it. Making this can be done in just about few minutes.

All that is required is the floral fabric and other sewing materials. Get a bra of your choice, cut out the individual flowers from the fabric. Using your needle and thread sew in the flowers to the tip part of your bra. When you are all done there you have your beautiful customized floral lace bra.

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Floral Lace bra
Source Pintrest

Very Low back dresses

Some dresses have their backs completely open till it gets to the butt area. But there is a bra Hacks that is perfect for this type of dress. This hack is perfect for ladies with all types of boob size.

All you need is your bra and some bra tapes. Start by cutting off the part where the back straps joins with the bra cups off. Sew in the bra strap handle to the bottom part of the bra. When wearing the bra use your bra tape to lift up your boobs before taping them up.

Very Low back bra hack
Source Pintrest

Tank tops

Dresses having this type of back tends to reveal part of the back area. Wearing a normal type of bra will not be right for this. The straps will keep revealing out.

To resolve this issue get a bra clip or a rubber band. Clip both straps together forming an X at the back before wearing back your top or dress.

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Tank top bra
Source http://Pintrest

Bra tapes

This is not a bra but more of a tape. It Can be used in achieving a more lifted boobs. This type of bra is so flexible in that it can be worn on any dress. With this you don’t have to bug yourself so much on the right type of bra to wear.

Bra tapes
Source Pintrest

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