Everything you need to know about Eyebrow Microblading

What is Eyebrow microblading

Eyebrow Microblading can be said to be an artificial tattoo technique used to give the brows the look of a more fuller brows. After it’s being done it gives the brows a more natural look to it.

This process involves the use of a tool that has needle in creating artificial hair strokes. The whole process of getting it done can last up to an hour.

Eyebrow Microblading, when done well can help enhance one’s original look and give a person a new appearance. When doing this colour pigments is being deposited in the upper dermis layer of the skin.

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It helps in getting your eyebrows done much faster and easier. Drawing your brows with pencils can be quite difficult and time consuming especially if you are not an expert in drawing your own brows

It saves you money from buying brow pencils.

It gives you a nice and beautiful looking brows. When your brows are well done it makes your makeup look flawless.

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It helps saves time when getting your makeup done too.


Before getting the procedure done a proper research should be done. Depending on your body type Some patients can be allergic to the ink pigment used.

If not treated well it can lead to infection. The open wounds can get infected with germs if not been treated well

When it is no ring Maintained properly it can fad away with Time. It tends to fade away when being exposed to excess sunlight, you should always wear a sunscreen to it if you want a long lasting result.

It might be very expensive to do and maintain. So a proper research must be done before getting it done.

Materials needed

  • Microblading blades – for making mark incisions and apply pigments into the skin
  • Measuring calipers – for taking the exact eyebrow measurement
  • Microblading pigment – the ink pigment of the brow
  • Universal holder
  • Marking pen – used in marking out the brows
  • Pigment mixer machine – used in mixing pigments
  • Pigment rings – for holding pigments while working on the brows
  • Numbing cream – for killing pain
  • Barrier film
  • Gloves
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Alcohol pads
  • Scissors & tweezers
  • Face masks
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The process of eyebrow microblading

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The first step to take before getting a semi-permanent tattooed brows is to consult a professional or a beautician.

He or she gides you on the entire process and all you need to know about getting it done. You will be informed on the various types of brows and their shapes. After deciding on the exact type of brows you want then comes the sculpting process.

This can be achieved by using the Measuring calipers which is a special tool used in taking the right measurements of your brows. The starting and ending points is measured followed by the arcs.

This process is very important because it determines the shape your new brows will take and look like.

The next step involves drawing the outlines of the brows using a brow pencil. After sketching the brows, the beautician then outlines the brows with a colour pigment pigment.

After outlining your brows with the pencil the excess hair in unwanted places is the pulled out using the brow twisser.

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The right color pigment that matches your skin tone is then carefully selected. After selecting the right color for the brows, a numbing cream is applied unto the brows. This helps in reducing the amount pain while getting the brows done.

The microblading process is done using a sharp tool called the microblading blades. This is achieved by creating small hair like strokes on the brows. Note that this can be quite painful if a numbing cream isn’t applied to it.

After the process is done it might take up to a few days to heal up completely while the pigments fade away and leaving behind a more natural looking brows.

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