Exotic live music bands in Nigeria to choose for your events

A party without music to dance too is going to be a boring gathering; hence the need to bring in a DJ or a live music band.

Events in Nigeria are worth looking forward too especially weddings, birthdays and the likes when you know you will derive maximum satisfaction in enjoyment.

So, do you like to enjoy life to the fullest? and you can part with some cool cash up to certain millions, this article features 6 exotic live band performers sought out for in Nigeria in which you can call for your next event.

1 Shuga Band

This is a music band founded in 1998 by Akinloye Tofowomo popularly known as shuga. He is also the head singer of this band and an alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts.

He is known to perform corporate gigs, social functions for the high and mighty and also in political events too.
He is also known for his versatility and unique way of performing in events and he remains a top notch performer; people do say if he was to perform at two different events for the day he won’t repeat songs.

He has bagged some awards to his credit and some of them includes; city People Lifetime Achievement Awards 2017, Best Band of the Year 2016, 2017 Beatz Awards and many more.

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Akinloye Tofowomo

2 Veentage Band

This band is founded by Desmond Emokiniovo and had his late wife Ejiro as the lead vocalist in the band till she passed on in 2020.
The rich, high and mighty are known to be their clients and they have created a niche for themselves in the industry.
From its name, the band seems to have positioned itself well and is blessed with a uniquely great sound, blending vintage sound and music of this present generation.

Veentage band

3 Sharp Band
Thiis live musical group is founded by Anesi Ivharue and this band has been performing since the 90s. His clients includes socialites, the rich, high and mighty people of the country. They do corporate performance too.
They perform both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria and they are notable for their unique music.

Godbless Ubiebifayen

4 Faith Band
The Faith Band is founded by Ayo Ajekigbe and other co founders who starteed from being members of a Church Choir in Lagos.
They have 3 sets of band which are very good and can be in 3 different events on the same day as the demand for them is very high.
The band plays all kinds of music from Gospel, Juju, Highlife to Hip Hop and they are notable In events such as wedding receptions, birthdays, burials and many other social celebrations.

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Ayo Ajekigbe

5 Godbless and the Eboni Band

This band is owned by Godbless Ubiebifayen and doubles as the lead vocalist. The Eboni Band is an entertainment outfit formed to provide services in live music for corporate, social and individual events,artist management, music video production, online radio station, sound & tech.

The type of music offered by eboni bands includeds hip hop, high-life, jazz, blues and reggae.

Godbless and the a Eboni band

6 SB Live Band

The SB band is owned by Seun Bankole popularly known as SB. He trained under Akinloye Tofowomo. He and his team of seven in the band have been making Nigerians have a nice time in live music.

His genres range from hip-hop, Afrobeat, highlife and old skool, performing classics for the old and young.
He is also notable for his international tours of singing at events for Nigerians in diaspora.

Seun Bankole

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