Fastest ways to get rid of Bad Breath instantly


Nothing can be as embarrassing as having a bad breath. It completely rids you of your self confidence making you feel very insecure about your self.

Haven’t you ever wondered why most celebrities like the likes of Kim Kardashian have in fact one of the most whitest teeth. Well it’s no magic you too can have the same only if you are determined and consistent with it.

When going for a white teeth with clean breaths there are some essential things that you must have in other to achieve this which will be discussed in this article today. So stay tuned and keep reading for more juicy details.

What are Bad breath ?


Bad breath, also clinically known as Halitosis which is mostly caused by a bacteria. this bacteria are odor-producing bacteria that grows in the mouth.

This bacteria tends to feed mostly on food leftovers in the mouth and in turn produces Sulphur compounds which smells badly.

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Failure to brush your teeth very often allows food particles to get accumulated on the gums. This causes this bad bacteria to keep building up these Sulphur compounds.

Bad breath odors differ depending on the causes responsible for it. This can be caused by a number of causes which varies from the type of food, oral hygiene, smoking etc.

Why do people have bad breath?

There are a lot of things that causes bad breath and they will be discussed in the article below. causes of bad breath includes;

  • Food types
  • Oral hygiene
  • Smoking habit
  • Mouth infections
  • Dry mouth
  • Reactions from medications
  • Hormonal changes

Fastest ways to get rid of bad breaths


When looking for a means to get rid of bad breath it can be very tiring. But I have gone through the stress of how you can get rid of bad breaths easily and products that could be of help too.

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Important tips to note

  1. Always ensure you brush your mouth 2-3 times daily. This helps in getting rid of the excess food remaining particles away. Failure to brush these food particles away can result into bad breaths over time.
  2. Remember to always Floss your teeth every time. As it will help remove food particles stocked in between the teeth.
  3. Ensure to always rinse your mouth always after every meal. This washes off all food leftover particles away from your mouth.
  4. It is important to always have a handy mini tooth brush and paste for cleaning your teeth after eating. Especially after eating sea foods, or garlic or onions.
  5. Always have a tooth pick or dental floss tooth picks in your bags when ever you gop out.
  6. it is also good for you to know the right type of brush to use always. It is ideal to use tooth brushes or generated tooth brush for gums. Tongue cleaner is best for cleaning your gums properly.
  7. At all times have a breath spray in your bag, you never can tell when you will need them handy.
  8. Mint sweets and gums such as the Listerine Gotabs and Ricklies chewing gum should always be with you.
  9. Finally never forget to use your mouth wash always when brushing your mouth. It helps keep your mouth fresh all day and free from these bad bacteria.
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Products you should try out if you want to get rid of bad breath easily

  • Oral B tongue scrapper
  • Oral tongue cleaner
  • tooth brush or generated tooth brush
  • Colgate tooth paste, Oral B tooth paste
  • Listerine mouth wash
  • Ice drop breath spray, Binaca breath spray
  • Tooth picks
  • Dental floss
  • Listerine Go tabs
  • Ricklies chewing gum

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