Finding The Perfect Pair of Jeans For your Size and Body Shape.


Finding the perfect pair of Jeans for your body shape could sometimes be a huge task because you want to get the perfect fit.

However, the first step to take in finding the perfect size is to get your accurate measurement as this will go a long way.

So, this brings us to the main measurements needed to achieve this and they include the waist, rise and in seam measurements.

1 Measure your Waist
: use a tape to measure the circumference of a couple of inches below your belly button. What you get is your waist.

Taking Waist measurement 4 inches below the belly button

2. Measure the Rise: you can lay one of your favorite Jean’s on a table or you hang it to achieve this measurement.
Also, take a tape and measure from the waist to the crotch or if you think you will be perfect enough you can measure directly on your body too from your waist to your crotch. This will give the rise measurement.

The rise measurement

3 Measure the Inseam: The next thing to measure is the inseam length, so take the tape, and measure down from the crotch seam to the hem on the inside of the leg.

Inseam measurement

Now that we have gotten these 3 basic measurements you are on your way to getting that perfect fit for your jean in terms of size.

So let’s move on to getting the perfect pair of Jeans to fit in terms of your body shape.
Body shapes differ from person to person and different styles/designs of Jean will also complement some than the others.

1 Pear & Triangular Body Shapes

This body shape is blessed with more curves around the hip and butt and with a smaller upper half. To really enhance this shape and make the butt conspicuous, look out for jeans with these fits:

* Bootcut or wider flares : These will help balance out the hips and keep your legs in proportion with the extra fabric around the calves.

*Long inseams :Having a longer length means you can wear heels under your flares and bootcut jeans.

* Higher rises :buy your jeans with a higher rise as they will bring balance to your shape.

* Jeans with a smaller fitting waist : Most ladies with wider hips often struggle to find jeans that don’t leave a gap at the back of their butt.

* Larger pockets : It is important to enhance your booty since you are blessed with it, so look for larger back pockets as small ones can make it look bigger.

* Stretch denim : Always look for stretch denim as it will hug your body better, creating a more sleek silhouette.

2 Hourglass & Curvy Body Shapes

Ladies with this shape have a hip to bust ratio of 50/50 and a slim waist. For this shape, here are some criteria of jeans to look out for

* Skinny Jeans : Your chest and hips are in proportion with each other already so showing your legs off in skinnies only highlights that point.

*Higher rises : chose higher rises because the waistband will sit at the smallest part of your waist.

*Medium size back pockets : Don’t go too big or too small with your back pocket sizing.

3 Apple & Rounded Body Shapes

This body shapes includes those with a very large tummy circumference. There are also great options of Jeans to work with your body type and they are;

* Skinny Jeans : pair a skinny jeans with a gypsy style top as this will hide the tummy too.

*Rises : If you are more curvy and you want to hide your stomach, go for a high rise jean as this will hold everything in.

If you are a more slimmer apple shape then lower rise jeans can give you a more curvy appearance.

*Trouser Jeans : If you want to balance things out, go for a trouser style jean as the wider leg from hip to foot will help with proportions.

4 Rectangle Body Shape

This is a super model shape with extra height, long legs and a straighter hip area and you can find it hard to get jeans to fit in length. Watch out for the following

* Inseams :If you want to go for a smart look, long inseams are the way to go as they will make you sleek

*Skinny Jeans : Skinnies are always your best friend as they show off your figure beautifully.

* Skinny Flares :You can also get away with skinny flares as you have the height to pull it off. So make sure the flare starts below the knee and the fit above is tight.

* Rises : If you want to show off your height, go for a high rise, but if you want to make your legs more proportional, a low rise will work wonders.

*Boyfriend Jeans: Go for a slimmer fitting boyfriend and it will look great.

5 Square & Athletic Body Shapes

For an athletic body shape with bigger shoulders, biceps and muscular thighs, there are still numerous jeans that can work for you. To get your perfect pair of jeans, choose from the following;

* Stretch denim : it is important to go with a thicker, more stretchy fabric as rigid denim will not be comfortable on your muscular thighs.

* Boyfriend Jeans : If a more casual appearance is your thing, chose a boyfriend jeans as they are extra roomy in the butt and the thighs and will of course be comfortable.

* Straighter hip fits : You want to look for jeans that run larger in the waist than most as they will help fit smoothly against the square shape of the hips.

*Higher rises – If you are carrying a lot more muscle in the butt and hip area, go for a higher rise

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