Fitness Starts with your Mind


Everybody wants to be, everybody wants to be healthy, and everybody wants to feel attractive. But the honest truth is that when we talk about the word ´fitness´ people tend to relate it to being slim or slender which is not really the case. A person might not necessarily be slim to be fit. Although the size and structure of the body, to a large extent, play an important role in fitness- fitness as a concept transcends the structure of the body to the state of the mind.


The word fitness in all generality is the state of being well, both physically and mentally. It is the state of health, and the well-being of a person in general. Most people focus on the well-being of the body neglecting the well-being of the mind.

Taking care of yourself both body and mind go hand in hand and they both are very important. In fact, if you take care of the body and neglect to take care of the mind, it would all be in vain.

Drawing from a recent story about a girl who was bullied in grade school because her friends called her fat, she told her parents about it expecting that her parents will say something to encourage her  but to her surprise, their words broke her because they also gave credence to what had been said by her friends in school. Saying that she ate too much, she was slow and other demeaning statements. In fact, her parents said that she was indeed fat and that she needed to lose some weight.

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Fine probably at that time she needed to lose some weight, there are better ways to express an opinion to people, especially when they are the ones concerned. She felt bad, not because of how she looked, but because of what people said about how she looked. In fact thinking of her picture now, I wouldn’t say she was fat. Rather I would have said she was plus sized and could still have achieved a better body shape.  She kept thinking she was really fat because everybody said so. She also kept on taking the bullies in school and wouldn’t tell anybody about it, thinking it’s her fault, she is fat so they have the right to bully her.

This kept on until she got fed up with the bullying and decided to start working on herself by doing a lot of things to lose weight. She reduced her food intake; she took medications with the hope that she would shed some weight, just whatever it will take to lose weight. This kept going on and on until she became slim and achieved her aim.  One would think, this was the end of the story alas, it was just the beginning.

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As a result of the trauma she had, she thought and believed she was still very fat despite people telling her she was slim. She was not yet satisfied with her body. Which meant that she had embarked on a journey without an end. Such that, when she became a grown woman, she still battled with those thoughts. By the time she noticed, things had already become critical and it was too late. That young lady died at the age of 34. sad, isn’t it? 

The bottom line is that there lies a connection between the state of our bodies and our minds such that, we are beautiful to the degree to which our mind is beautiful. This lady wouldn’t have become excessive in her bid to shed some weight if she was secure in her mind, by having a healthy disposition, as to her identity. This is why it is essential that we guard the things that come into our minds because they have the ability to define us.

In the bid to have the perfect body structure, people tend to go to the extreme and do what ought not to be done. Fitness is making sure to be comfortable in your body no matter what people may say. All that matters in the end is your opinion of yourself. Don`t let anybody bring down your self-esteem, remember, that overall fitness starts with the mind and its essential to note that you shouldn’t throw the baby in the bath water. Knowing that in every opinion, there must be an iota of truth. Therefore, use every criticism, opinion (either negative and positive), to your advantage.

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