Food is any substances that is consumed and provide nutrients to an organism, food can be in any form it can be animals, plants, or fungal origin

Food gives an organism strength, it helps to grow well , it also give all the nutritional value needed by the body through the aid of digestion. Digestion is the process by which food is converted into substances that can be utilized or that is needed by the body.

Food is one of the major and most essential substances for a man to live, ie if an organism does not feed well the organism is prompt to sickness, death e.t.c there’s a popular saying that “the inner strength is used to help the physical body” which also means if an organism does not feed well he/she can’t get strength and so becomes weak. We are advised to stay away from unhealthy foods because they can damage the body and are very dangerous to the healthy e.g foods that are uncovered, spoilt food e.t.c

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To understand better there are 7 main classes of food that are needed by the body which are: protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, fats, fiber, minerals, and water. These classes of food also have their different uniqueness, sources, and importance to the body

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  • carbohydrate: these foods give glucose to the body which is later converted to energy e.g bread, yam, rice e.t.c it is needed as it gives us the strength to run our daily activities
  • protein:it is needed by all to grow well, to build muscles too it is one of the essential classes of food needed, parents are also advised to give their children as it helps them to grow well e.g egg, meat, fish e.t.c
  • vitamins: it supports healthy blood, it helps boost the immune system e.t.c you can get them in your vegetables, fruits e.t.c
  • fats: it helps with cell growth, immune function e.t.c it is also needed by the body to live a healthy life e.g vegetable oils , fishes, nuts
  • minerals: they are needed to build strong teeth, to control fluids in and out of the cell e.g bread, dairy, milk e.t.c
  • fibres: they are an undigested carbohydrate that helps to regulate sugar usage in the body
  • water: water form about 50-70% of the body and is needed by all living organisms to live
    It is essential to take all these classes of food in their right proportion to live a healthy and happy life.

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