1. giving banana a longer shelf life
    keep banana fresh by wrapping the end of the banana with a polythene or plastic wrap to block ethylene gases from releasing out of the stem to prevent early ripening

2. peel a ginger with a spoon
Because the peel is fairly thin, simply scrape a metal spoon down the side and around the tricky rounded edges of the ginger to peel the skin away.

Peel a ginger with a spoon

3.pick up an eggshell pieces with an eggshell
Did your cracked egg end up with a jagged edge and a rogue piece of shell floating in the white? Keep a broken half handy and use it to scoop up the tiny shell piece from the now-ready-to-scramble egg. No mess, no additional tools required, and it attracts the errant shell shards like a magnet.

4. Good egg test

fill a bowl with water,then carefully lower an egg inside. If it sinks and stays on the bottom, the egg is fresh. If it floats to the top (a sign of gas built up inside the shell) just throw the egg away.

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5. Lemon and lime roll out

Does your lemon or lime feels hard when you are about to cut , Before cutting them in half, roll the fruit on the counter firmly with the palm of your hand. This softens up the fruit and makes it easier to juice.

6.make soggy or soft corn flakes or chips edible again

Did your chips or flakes get in contact with humid air and ii got soft and you want to throw it away ,just Take a plate. Put a napkin or a kitchen towel on it and put your chips on top of it.
You can also cover them with another napkin. Then put it in a microwave oven for 30 seconds. Voila! Your chips are crispy again.

keep your vegetable fresh and bright

dry out your green and keep them in a nylon bag, fill it with air and tie them up. this method keeps your veggies green.

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