Foods that you should not eat before singing


As a singer, you’ve probably heard a lot about the foods that help improve your voice: apple, honey, and lemon.

But do you know what not to eat before singing?

In the same way that there are foods that improve your performance, there are also some groups that you should avoid in order not to damage your voice.

The first thing you need to know is that some foods take a long time to digest.

As singing is an activity that demands a lot from your body, you need to ensure that your body is always light and focused on singing when you need to release your voice.

However, if it is focused on digestion, it will not be able to reach its full vocal capacity.

Therefore, avoid very heavy foods, such as meats, beans, pasta, and other foods that remain in your body for a long time. Give preference to vegetables and legumes.

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The fibers present in this type of food increase the feeling of satiety, but it does not take so long to be digested.

In addition to foods that slow digestion, there are two other villains when it comes to singing well.

What you shouldn’t eat before you sing?

Milk-based foods

It is a consensus among voice professionals that you should not drink milk or eat any food made from this ingredient.

Yogurt, cheese, and even chocolate can significantly impair your performance.

That’s because milk encourages the production of mucus in your throat. From that, we have two problems.

The first is that the mucus leaves your voice with a thick, pasty appearance, taking out the softness of the song. Secondly, is that when you feel the mucus in your throat, you have an urge to clear your throat and cough.

This movement causes your vocal folds to be “scratched”, causing hoarseness and even loss of voice in some more severe cases. In addition, you may suffer from pain and inflammation.

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Image of a yogurt inside a plate
Image of cheese recipes
Image of milk-chocolate recipe

Very hot or very cold drinks

In addition, you should avoid drinking beverages that are either too hot or too cold.

This is true not just for the moments before singing, but for every day if you want to take care of your voice.

Extreme temperatures can hurt your throat. After all, the muscle is very sensitive and can burn easily. Therefore, prefer to drink beverages at a natural temperature.

Now that you know what to eat before you sing, remember that there are several other precautions you need to take care of your vocal health.

One is to avoid air-conditioned environments, as the device makes the air very dry. Soon, it becomes easier to feel the effects of dehydration and even clear your throat to try to “wet” your throat.

As the skin on our neck is very thin, you can also invest in scarves and scarves to protect yourself from cold winds.

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Believe me: getting sick and hurting your throat is easier than you might think. So try to protect yourself as much as you can.

Another thing that you cannot forget in any way is to drink plenty of water. Hydration is essential for the proper functioning of our entire body and, in the case of singing, this is no different.

Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (the equivalent of about 2 litres). So, you take much more care of your voice!

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