Preliminaries yes, preliminaries no: this is the problem. There were problems like that, we would dare to say. Yet if sex equals satisfaction, not everyone believes that foreplay should be given credit for a good 80% of the work.

But what are foreplay ? What are we talking about concretely when referring to things that are exciting to him , how to petting or how to drive her crazy in bed ? These questions are wasted on Google, did you know?

The answer is given by the experts, in a poetic way: the preliminaries are like an aperitif before a candlelit dinner; or that without it, one could sit at the table without appetite. Without passion. With a very high dose of performance anxiety and stress. Here is an analytical guide of what foreplay is, how it is done and above all why.

How foreplay is done

Compared to a few years ago, there is greater collective awareness of the need to arrive at a real relationship with a growing and, above all, shared level of excitement. On the predominantly male side, in fact, there was a tendency to get straight to the point, ‘hurrying up the practice’ in a hurry without caring too much about the happiness and satisfaction of the partner.

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Now, fortunately, things have changed and the growing attention paid to the phase preceding that of the relationship is a demonstration of this. The preliminaries for her are crucial, even more than for him.

In fact, female sexuality is regulated by more complex emotional, affective and psychological aspects. There is a need for a more intense climax, special participation and involvement for a woman to completely melt away from passion and eros. In this sense, the contact, the sweet words, the effusions and certain caresses that are gradually more pushed can prove to be decisive. Here, foreplay is just that.


Foreplay and petting are often considered synonymous. Reality petting is a more limited form, specific to the effusions preceding the relationship. The term derives from the English to pet, which literally means “caress a pet”. In the erotic field, petting specifically indicates kisses, caresses, hugs and rubbing exchanged by two lovers during intimacy. Unlike actual foreplay, petting does not necessarily presuppose sexual intercourse. We can limit ourselves to effusions, without going further.


How women get excited

The preliminaries, on the other hand, already in their meaning indicate that they represent a premise to something. To sex, in fact. Kisses, caresses, intimate massages, sweet words whispered in the ear: you don’t necessarily have to think of a refined erotic art about foreplay. And more than a duty, they should be experienced as a game, a pleasant common activity preparatory to the complete relationship.

Manuals and decalogues are not necessary, it is the experience of the moment that suggests what pleases you in those situations. In general, all the senses must be stimulated. Hearing through persuasive words, sight getting rid of clothes – but without completely uncovering oneself -, the throat with a long and passionate kiss, touch with prolonged physical contact, the sense of smell making one perceive one’s own scent, one’s own smell. After the necessary time has elapsed, one can move on to stimulating the primary erogenous zones, to ever more daring caresses, stripping ever more consistent slices of their respective bodies.


All this to the point of creating that understanding, that feeling that is necessary to continue in the best possible way.

How to excite him in bed

The man’s ‘sexual carburation’ mechanism is a little faster. The excitement comes quickly and is unmistakable. Nevertheless, there are some preliminaries to do to him to put him at ease, to help him melt, to prepare him spiritually for intercourse.

Men also like to feel gratified with compliments relating to beauty, physical prowess, the exuberance of their genitals. Mischievous words, kisses and caresses are a great way to overheat the atmosphere and savor all the joys and satisfactions that sex can offer with the right intensity.

Then, even in the case of him, you can get closer and closer to the center of pleasure, reaching the point of directly stimulating the sexual organ with your hands and mouth.This content is

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