Games that can improve your guitar learning skills

Did you know that there is an interesting relationship between games and guitar? Is it possible to have fun while studying music?

Yes, it is possible to have fun by studying music. In reality, if the study of music does not have at least 10% of the fun, then it becomes boring, monotonous…. and even unproductive.

Your hours of study can be more motivating, exciting, and also productive by including music games. But this can be further enhanced if you include games. Yes, games! 

We decided to gather some game tips that help you learn music. But we also brought some tips for “playing” while studying. Take it easy, we’ve already explained it to you.

1. Playing Rocksmith

One game that can help you improve your guitar technique (and bass too) is Rocksmith. This game, unfortunately, didn’t become as popular as Guitar Hero (which doesn’t teach you anything about guitar), but it’s great.

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With it, you learn guitar and bass techniques while performing songs of the rock genre (and its derivatives).

The cool thing about it is that you play with your real guitar and not using a guitar-shaped controller. That is, it is a real study experience and how to have fun studying music.

There is the 2013 version and the 2014 version with more packs with songs and techniques to study.

Let's Play Rocksmith 2014 - Win £310 Xbox One / PS4 Guitar and Fitness Games  - YouTube

2. Rock band

This is another game with a focus on string instruments, but in this case, guitars.

It should be said, however, that it is different from the first game mentioned, because here you will need a guitar specifically built for the game.

However, this guitar is a Stratocaster model, so you will experience playing a real guitar.

In short, it’s a mix of control and real guitar; it’s like a mix of Rocksmith and Guitar Hero.

In this game there are two possibilities of job ability: the classic and the Pro Mode. For sure you will have fun studying music with him.

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Xbox 360 ROCK BAND 3 Video Game with 2 Wireless Guitars Guitar Hero  Wireless Drums and USB Microphone B… | Rock band video game, Beatles  videos, Classic video games

3. Power Gig: Rise of the Six Strings

Although this game was released in 2010, it had little popularity. However, he is similar to Rocksmith in terms of guitar study.

But this game is not as intuitive as the two previous games we mentioned here. But it is worth it as a complement. It has a plastic guitar that has real guitar strings and this is already a puzzle, but the quality of the game is not the best.

E3 10: Power Gig: Rise of the Six string Impressions | MonsterVine


See that these games are a kind of incentive for your guitar training. It is important not to want to replace guitar lessons with a game.

Because even if it helps you with the study of music techniques, nothing replaces classes and a teacher guiding you, answering questions, etc. So, have these games as a way to have fun studying music and as a complement.

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