As a wedding guest, there is probably nothing more complicated than having an idea of what to wear to the wedding, especially when the invitation is vague and there is no dress code.

If you have been invited to a wedding as a guest and you have no idea what to wear; there are few guidelines you could follow.

Some important guideline to note for women

For women, finding the right dress to wear for any occasion can be confusing atimes.

One thing you should bear in mind not to wear as a female guest is a white dress or an off white dress as you don’t want to outshine the bride and you don’t want them mistaking you for the bride if it is a white wedding. Although, this rule may be considered as old, it Is something that should be considered as there is a valid reason behind it.

If the wedding is taking place in the afternoon or in the day, try not to wear black or a sparkly cloth. Apart from the fact that wearing a sparkly cloth might drag a lot of attention, wearing a black and sparkly cloth in the afternoon might also get you uncomfortable by causing you heat. So, These clothes are best suited for an evening event.

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Although wearing a sexy cloth to your young friends wedding is not a bad thing, wearing an overly sexy or a too revealing cloth to the wedding might probably not be the best of options as it might make you appear indecent.

If your wedding invite doesn’t come with a dress code,its no problem because they are different options to pick from. You could try out a jump suit, a canvas or any shoe of your choice that suits the dress and a portable bag; you could also try out a beautiful off shouldered gown, a nice shoe and a small purse; with the perfect hair do, you are good to go. Apart from these styles, there are other fashionable trends. The most important thing is creativity.
Remember; “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”- Harry Winston.

Some important guideline to note for men
Luckily for men, dressing for a wedding event is easy compared to that of ladies. This is because there is really nothing new to the dress other than wearing the appropriate suit, trousers and a suitable tie. Isn’t that amazing!

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I’ve mentioned the obvious to men´s dressing. But there are also some guidelines that could be helpful to in other to look smart for the occasion. Here are some of them:

You could try on a white shirt with a not so emphasized pattern ie. Nice pattern; as it can be rocked for any occasion. You could also according to your preference add cuff links to your shirt to make you look extra cool.

Along with your shirt, suits and ties, there is also your shoe are also important because you will always look appropriate in the perfect suit. You could also try putting on a chinos and a shirt for an informal wedding.

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