Picking the right ring size is beautiful but also can be a real struggle. The most beautiful and romantic things that will ever happen in life is getting engaged to the person of your dreams.

An engagement ring represents a symbol of undieing love and evaluating commitment to your spouse. A partner you are willing to spend the rest of your life with.

If you are willing to spend a fortune on getting the right ring for that perfect person, you should at least get it right.

What to look out for before getting the right ring.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before even thinking of buying a ring for your spouse.

  • Spouses lifestyle
  • Type of job
  • Cost of getting the ring
  • Personality
  • Type of ring
  • What nature of band gold, sliver.
  • Shape aand size of stone
  • Ring size

Types of rings

Shaped Band ring
source : Pinterest
Modern Contemporary, Geometric, Minimalist and Suspended Diamond ring.
Source : Pinterest
Vintage Edward Ian, Ballerina, Art Nouveau and Etched rings.
Source : Pinterest
Color-Accent, Single Coloured Stone, Acrostic and Vintage Art Deco Style Ring.
Source : Pinterest
Baroque, Channel Setting, Swirl and Bombe Ring.
Source : Pinterest
Double Diamond, Eternity Band, Flush Setting and Tension Setting Ring. Source : Pinterest
Bezel, Three-Stone SStyle, Double Diamond Style, Eternity Band, Flush Setting
Engagement ring.
Source : Pinterest
Halo, Oval Halo, Shank and Split-Shank and Bezel engagement ring.
Source : Pinterest
Solitaire, Cluster, Pavé and Cathedral engagement rings. Source : Pinterest

How to measure your right ring size

  1. Paper technique – start by wrapping a paper round your ring finger, adjust till you get the right fit. Mark with a pencil to get the exact measurements. Using your ruler take the measurement and use a ring size chart to get the exact size.
  2. A Printable Ring Sizer can be used in taking measurements too
  3. Ring and ruler technique – get your favorite ring that’s fits properly, using a ruler take the inner diameter measurement. Compare with the ring chart.
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Ring Size Guide
Source : Marc Mirren Jewellery

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