Guides to follow when selecting the right type of heels for ladies.

As a lady, there is the confidence that comes with wearing the right type of heels. Wearing heels have a way of boosting your morale and drives attention to you when people look at you.

It is very important that as a lady you should know the different types of heels we have, appropriate places to wear them to and how to rock them.

Wearing the wrong type of shoe to a particular can be very discomforting and lower your self-confidence too.

Before diving into the right type of shoe to wear out to an event there should be a proper evaluation of the different types of heels we have.

Types of heels

There are different types of heels depending on their designs.

Block Heels

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This type of shoe is one of the easiest to walk in due to its solid and chunky heels. This type of shoe distributes the body’s weight evenly and reduces the pressure on the front part of the shoe.

Peep Toe Heels

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This type of shoe has a hole in front of them which usually shows mostly the big toes and small toes. They also have a more sexy and vintage look to them.

Flare Heels

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The Flare Heel is very similar to the block heel. The major difference between them is that the Flare heels have a wide top, more of a thin middle, and a curved bottom part. This type of heels is also very comfortable and also very easy to walk on.

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Wedge Heels

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Wedge Heel is one of the most comfortable types of shoes to wear. They are made either great option if you are Planning on wearing a shoe for a very long while. Your weight is evenly distributed around the shoe making it very comfy.

Medium Heels

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Shoes having this type of heels are usually 2-3 inches high and are a great choice for office shoes. Your weight is evenly distributed around the shoe reducing the weight around the front part of the shoe.

Ankle Strap Heels

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As its name implies, this type of shoe has a strap attached to its ankles coming from the back to the ankle. The thin strap provides additional security to the person wearing it.

Square Heels

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This type of shoe has much thicker and square or rectangular heels. They are very comfortable and also a great choice to pick from for office shoes.

Platform Heels

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This type of shoe has heels but with much focus on the front part. A platform on a stiletto gives the wearer much comfort while making it very easy to walk on. This type of heel is best worn at night outs.

Stilettos heels

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Shoes with heel falling into this category have heels that can be as hight as 3 – 4inches high. The most distinguishing thing about this type of shoes is its Ultra slim heels.

If you are not good with wearing high heels this might not be a great option or choice for you to wear. Shoes with this type of heels gas a way of making the wearer look very sexy on them.

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Slingback Heels

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This type of shoe has a thin strap attached to the back of the foot. This in turn provides additional support to the wearer of the shoe. This type of shoe makes your feet appear much slimmer.

Espadrille Heels

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This type of shoe has the features of both cotton fabric and a flexible sole made from woven esparto rope. It is very comfortable too to wear.

Pumps heels

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Shoes with this type of heel have heels as high as 2 – 3 inches. This type of heels can be worn to the office too.

Things to look out for before choosing the right type of heels for an occasion

When selecting the right type of shoe to wear to an event you should ask yourself the following questions

  • How long do you plan on wearing the heels? Wearing heels for too long can be very uncomfortable especially if you are not used to wearing them for that long.
  • What type of heel are you most comfortable on. How well is your experience with these heels, are you able to walk easily on them.
  • What type of event are you going for, is it for work, weddings, clubs, and so on.
  • What feet type do you have. It is very important to know this as this will determine the right type of shoe for you
  • When wearing shoes with pointed toes you should go for shoes with a more gradual point as it will allow for more room for your leg in the shoe.
  • Select your shoe according to your toe box type. This is very important as it will help reduce the pain and make the. In very comfortable.
  • Height of the heels. If you are a newbie wearing heels it is advisable to go for heels with more of a Wedge or block type of heel.
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A step by step guide to follow when walking on the right type of heels

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  1. The first step is to start by walking from heel to toe, this allows for a more firm grip and even distraction of your weight around the shoe.
  2. The second step is to take one step at a time. Take your time to take more small steps.
  3. The third step is to walk gradually and more slowly till you get used to it. The more you walk on the heels the more your confidence increases too.
  4. The fourth step is to visualize walking in a straight line and ensur0e you don’t always look down at your feet when walking. Doing that, you have a higher chance to fall.
  5. The fifth step is to always find the right fit and type of shoe you are most comfortable on.

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